Why Detoxification is "More Important" Than Nutrition

White blood cells are key to fighting off “bad guys”... 

And white blood cells are partly stored in your belly-fat... 

So when your immune system is “stressed” out—your body is reluctant to burn belly-fat stores (because it wants to keep more white blood cells in case of danger). 

This is why enhancing your immune system is KEY to losing weight as the New Year begins.

And the #1 thing that suppresses your immune system? 


Hidden toxins from the air, food, water, and household products (even ‘natural’ ones!) 

So if you want to have strong immunity, faster metabolism, and a NEW body going into the New Year — it’s critical to guide your body through the most powerful detox possible: 

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Keep in mind: most detox approaches deal with specific organs — liver, colon, and so on— but aren’t effective at removing toxins on a CELLULAR LEVEL. 

And the cell is where the foundation of your energy is. 

So you must remove the toxins from your cells to regain energy and transform the rest of your body and immunity. 

The Doctor-Recommended “New Year, New Body Detox” Webclass.

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