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Master Detoxification Class

Planning your detox should be part of your EVERY New Years' agenda.  It's simple... join me, and my team of experts and feel great all year, every year!  Get out of your toxic body and into a New You... weight loss, sleep, mood, and energy will improve once you remove the tox-sickness from your body!

I am co-hosting this master class with who I call my “detox secret weapon” — a world-class expert, who has spent 15+ years helping regular folks fight the horrors of modern pollution and regain their health. 

You will learn how Warren nearly lost his life from toxicity, and how he had to learn the most powerful strategies to effectively remove the most dangerous chemicals and poisons from the body. 

In this exclusive master class, you’ll discover: 

  • The #1 most toxic, most dangerous class of substances in our environment (and how you’re exposed)
  • Why most detox approaches fail—and the biggest question to ask before doing a cleanse
  • How to repair your energy and metabolism, by removing toxins from your cells
  • The secret to saving yourself thousands of dollars (and years of wasted time) on ineffective supplements
  • And much, much more

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How to Refresh Your Winter Skincare Routine

Winter has arrived! Frigid temperatures, biting winds, and harsh indoor heating are about to sweep in and suck your skin dry. That bright, bronzed skin you boasted over the summer will quickly be quickly replaced by dry, chapped, itchy skin that keeps flaking and patching.

Sound a little too familiar?

Dry, dull, damaged winter skin might have been your story in the past, but it doesn’t have to become your reality again this season. All you need to do is refresh your winter skincare routine.

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The BENEFITS Of Castor Oil For Beauty & Health

Stress less, Poop Better & Wake Up with a Flat Tummy with This Health Tool! 

Stressed, bloated, gassy, constipated… Does any of this sound like you? It seems like you’re doing everything ‘right’, eating healthier than ever before - yet you can’t seem to get by without these uncomfortable problems?

Sometimes the problem is that we aren’t supporting the foundational aspects of our health and healing. For instance, many of us are so busy during the day that when the evening hits, the last thing we want to do is exercise, meditate, go for a nature walk or prepare a castor oil pack. 

All of these practices are natural reducers of stress in your life, a key component of our wellbeing - which you know you need desperately, but honestly, who’s got the time?!

That last one I mentioned, castor oil packs, have you ever tried one? 

They are a legendary health practice that’s been around for centuries and used by cultures all around the world - from Ancient Egyptian Medicine to Indian Ayurveda to Traditional Chinese Medicine. They involve placing a piece of castor-oil soaked cotton onto the body to promote wellness and healing

Learn the health and beauty benefits of using a castor oil pack!

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Do You Need a Fluoride Detox? 3 Simple Steps to Remove This Toxin From Your Body

If you use commercial toothpaste or drink tap water, you’re unknowingly exposing yourself to a dangerous neurotoxin masquerading as a “dental health additive”. Yes, I’m talking about fluoride.

Since fluoride was first introduced into public water supplies and toothpaste products in the mid-1900s, leading organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and American Dental Association have praised its cavity-fighting powers and insisted on its safety. However, the truth isn’t nearly as clear as we’ve been led to believe.

From thyroid dysfunction to cognitive impairment, fluoride could be silently wreaking havoc within your body. Fortunately, the solution is easy: all you need is a fluoride detox!

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How Fluoride And Other Heavy Metals Are Sneaking Into Your Body: Is Crap-Water Making You GLOW?

You feel like crap.  Every day you take extra measures to be healthy.  You drink purified water.  Work out.  Meditate.  Walk the dog.  Eat organic.  Use fluoride-free toothpaste.  You even made the switch to organic, natural or "safer" skincare options.  Detox every few months.  Intermittent fast, sauna... the list goes on!  Yet, you still feel like CRAP!  

No energy.  Brain fog.  Dry, broken-out skin.  You're getting stressed-out because your body feels broken despite everything you do.  

You have heard about heavy metal toxicity and have even seen the signs... fatigue, headaches, muscle loss, anemia, irritability, difficulty sleeping, memory problems, and the list goes on.  You can totally relate to these but you CAN'T be heavy metal toxic with your healthy lifestyle right?  

Think again... there is one ingredient in skincare that could be causing heavy metal toxicity!! Ditch this ingredient and watch your health, and your skin GLOW!

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