Does Activated Charcoal Really Whiten Teeth? Your Ultimate Guide to the Trendy Natural Ingredient

April 09, 2019

You know it well — the knot in your stomach when it’s time to smile in front of other people. The dread of opening your mouth to reveal teeth stained yellow and brown. Ugh!

We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, most of us have also turned to commercial whitening kits to remove our stains and give us the confidence to smile again. I say “unfortunately” because most whitening kits are train wrecks waiting to happen. Sensitivity, enamel damage, gum inflammation, and inconsistent whitening are just a few of the side effects associated with peroxide whitening treatments.

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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Dental Care: How to Fight Gum Disease & Strengthen Your Oral Health

March 27, 2019 1 Comment

Good health starts in your mouth – and for most people, that’s also where it ends. That's why over 47% of adults have gum disease, and that number only increases with age.

So what type of care does your mouth need to fight gum disease and maintain better ongoing health? You don’t need fluoride toothpaste or abrasive mouthwash — you need CBD dental care.

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Health Alert! What's REALLY Going On Inside Your Mouth?

March 10, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Your Microbiome

Good health starts inside the mouth. Your gums absorb everything, from the food you eat to the toxins that build up in your mouth. Because the gum tissue is a point of entry, any toxins in your mouth can end up traveling into your body -- you could be ‘feeding’ your body toxins that cause inflammation without even knowing it. Yikes!


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How to Choose the Best Natural Deodorant

March 05, 2019

How do you find the best natural deodorant? Which one will work for you? What ingredients actually have the power to stop your body odor?

In the past, these questions might have stopped you from making the changes you knew were best for your body, but not anymore! I have all of the answers you need to start using the best all natural deodorant and liberate your body from dangerous toxins.

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The Neurotoxin Lurking in Medicine Cabinets Around the Globe

February 26, 2019

You probably consider yourself a pretty healthy person. You try to eat well and take care of your body, so you don’t expect to find poisons hiding in the items you use every single day.

Unfortunately, the truth is some of our favorite and most common self-care products are completely saturated with neurotoxins. These destructive toxins put us (and our children!) at risk of everything from thyroid disease to cancer.

You deserve to protect your oral health without poisoning yourself – I'm here to show you how!

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Brushing With Bentonite Clay: The Dental Benefits of Brushing Your Teeth With Toothpowder

February 19, 2019

Here’s the truth: That tube of toothpaste sitting on your sink - the one you use every morning and every night - is toxic.

It’s saturated with chemicals and dangerous ingredients that have no business in your mouth or body. Yet, somehow, we’re all still taught to use traditional fluoride toothpaste without a second thought.

It’s time to pull the curtain back and expose the very real, very serious dangers associated with toothpaste.

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4 Must-Haves for a Healthier Life [VIDEO]

December 13, 2018

If you haven’t done a quick personal assessment of your health lately, now is the time. Let’s talk about 4 must-haves that will lead you to a healthier -- and happier -- life.

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What Happens When you Transition to Natural Deodorant [VIDEO]

December 06, 2018

You can find deodorant in a variety of scents, with 24-hour protection or extra odor fighting power, and more benefits. I’m sure you’ve tried different ones with different levels of satisfaction. Yet have you tried switching to a natural deodorant?

Switching to a natural deodorant can be a completely different experience. It comes with its own challenges -- and benefits. What should you know before making the transition from store-bought to natural deodorant? We have the scoop.

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Why You Should Brush with an Activated Charcoal Toothbrush [VIDEO]

November 29, 2018

Manual toothbrushes have been overshadowed by battery-powered and professional-grade toothbrushes for a while. However, an activated charcoal toothbrush is the latest trend in at-home dental care. And I think this trend is here to stay. Here’s what you should know for the next time you come across this all-natural product. 

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5 Reasons to Use Natural Deodorant [VIDEO]

November 22, 2018

Many people are hesitant to use natural deodorants. They assume they won’t work as well as those that contain aluminum. If you fall into that camp, I’m here to prove you wrong. Here are 5 reasons you should staring using aluminum free deodorant

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The Ultimate Gift Guide | Featuring all-natural products for everyone

November 21, 2018 1 Comment

Wondering what to get the person who has it all? Maybe that person is you and you just want to #treatyoself. Check out our Ultimate Gift Guide for all-natural products that promote health and happiness all year long. Gift include natural face serums, peroxide-free teeth whitening kit, stocking stuffers and more! 

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2018 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

November 21, 2018

If you’re looking for ways to stay healthy or encourage others to add some natural products into their life, you need to check out our Healthy Holiday Gift Guide. It features an all-natural teeth whitening kit, a gorgeous charcoal ion toothbrush, effective deodorant and more. 

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