Anatomy Of A Zit And How To Banish It Overnight!

Are you feeling a little jaded that your acne didn't disappear on your 21st birthday? Sill anguished and plagued by "pizza face"?

I was SICK AND TIRED of my acne... and at the age of 39 my "pizza face" had tried every single acne gimmick out there!!! So- I turned up the HEAT and burned that juicy, cystic zit off my face overnight!!  LEARN HOW!! I HATE acne with a passion!  I lived with it until I was 39 years old... I should really say that I HID with it because my entire life focused on "hiding" my acne!  My cover up was no longer "covering it up" and every single acne product I tried only caused other issues (dry skin at the zit, oily skin everywhere else, toxic overload). Have you ever wondered what a zit looks like on the inside?  The nurse in me wants you to know what the heck is causing you so much AGONY!!  Adult acne is B-R-U-T-A-L and I want you to have the beautiful, flawless skin I now have!!

Anatomy of a ZIT!  

Watch my video and learn what a zit looks like and why commercial acne products don't work!! Check out BANISHED BLEMISH SERUM:



  • Joy

    This is a really great video. Very informative (I’m a 36 year old still dealing with acne breakouts. grrrrr). I’m going to buy Banish the next time I’m back in America. What do you think about infusing jojoba oil with cayenne pepper and just using that until I can buy some? Have you thought about expanding to Europe? (Let me know if you need a partner over here. I think you have a great business model and I love your products)

  • Mandi

    Where’s the link to get the sample? I want to try it first. I also want to look at your whole system, see the ingredients before I buy. I’m an ingredient reader, and because I’m below the poverty level, I’m very careful about what I buy and use on me and my girls’ skin.

  • trinafelber

    Hi Joy, glad you are interested! I do ship to Europe and have thought about “partnering” with someone! You can definitely infuse jojoba with cayenne pepper and give it a try!!

  • trinafelber

    Here is the link to the Banished Sample

    and the Banished Package

  • trinafelber

    Hi Nancy!! Diet and lifestyle definitely contribute to acne. Certain foods can aggravate or cause acne in some people. Stress definitely increases the hormones that contribute to acne. The biggest game-changer for me was when I changed my skincare to food-based. I never realized that the harsh ingredients in skincare actually cause acne or can worsen it. And the dryness it causes can actually make scarring worse. My scars drastically faded when I started creating my skincare from oils and foods. Today, I rarely get any breakouts. That totally makes me so happy- but when one pops up, the Banished Serum helps it disappear so fast I no longer dread it!

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