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Bare Face Moisturizer, 1 oz

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Is there anything harder on your face than the elements? Sun…wind…cold…doesn’t matter. All you know is the instant you set foot ou...



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Is there anything harder on your face than the elements? Sun…wind…cold…doesn’t matter. All you know is the instant you set foot outside, it’s like a giant vacuum appears from out of nowhere, sucking every drop of moisture from your skin and putting a spotlight on your wrinkles. Sure you could put up with it—but why? Especially when you have THIS in your corner…

This is one of our most popular products—and for good reason…

Our Bare™ Face Moisturizer is the fastest and easiest way to rejuvenate your dry, tired-looking skin and give you back that all-important younger look and feel you’ve been missing.  Noncomedogenic and readily absorbed, this breakthrough combination of 100% organic all natural botanicals are blended together to form a highly exceptional skin regenerating moisturizer that is specifically designed to help improve the complexion, hydrate facial tissues, balance sebum production and even remove toxic build-up in the skin.

And if you’re thinking, “All that from a little tiny jar?”, think again. Bare™ Face Moisturizer is super concentrated, so just a dab goes a VERY long way. Plus, every jar is made to order, which means you’re getting the absolute finest—and freshest—face moisturizing cream on the planet. 


“Amazing Product…”

“I am 27 and have been using this for about 3 months now and I LOVE it. It's great because a tiny bit goes a LONG way, so it lasts a long time. I use it as a moisturizer at night and as a foundation primer in the morning. It makes my skin so soft and glowing. It has helped with acne, wrinkles and dry skin as well.” Phoebe Pierpoint


Don’t let the elements take their toll—add the Bare™ Face Moisturizer to your cart right now and start fighting back. And if you REALLY want to help fast-forward your success, combine with the Bare Face Wash for maximum results. 


INGREDIENTS: Jojoba Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Pure Filtered Beeswax*

*Certified Organic

Jojoba Oil's unique chemical makeup mimics the sebum naturally present on human skin. Jojoba is odorless, natural, non-greasy, is a natural carrier of Vitamin E and a natural antioxidant. It is an extremely efficient noncomedogenic moisture regulator, penetrating the skin to moisturize without blocking the pores. Because it also reduces sebum production and protects the skin from bacteria, Jojoba oil can also effectively treat acne.

Sweet Almond Oil softens, soothes and re-conditions the skin.  It promotes skin renewal and increases circulation. 

Evening Primrose Oil is a rich source of gamma linoleic acid, an Omega 6 fatty acid and has been shown to be effective for the following conditions:  acne, rosacea, signs of aging, and eczema.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains numerous antioxidants and is perfect for every skin type in preventing aging, promoting healing and moisturizing the skin.

Tips For Use


Directions: Apply to clean dry skin.  Scoop out a small amount of moisturizer.  Warm and soften between fingers and apply to face and neck.  Excellent and safe to use under the eyes.  SMILE.

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