About Us

Welcome to Primal Life Organics. 

Your MOUTH is our MISSION!

At Primal Life Organics, we specialize in all-natural oral care products.

We are committed to educating people on the importance of comprehensive oral health. You can find our CEO Trina Felber, RN “mouthing off” regularly on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube! She’s passionate about helping you understand the link between overall health and oral health in the prevention of systemic disease.             

Primal Life Organics combine a holistic and natural approach to oral care and skincare to free the body from toxins and function in a holistic state.  Our all-natural, holistic products allow the body to re-establish its natural microbiome inside your mouth (which feeds and seeds the gut for systemic health) and on the surface of your skin.

Our mission is to provide natural oral care and specialty skincare solutions that improve the state of your health now and into your future

Your body is host to thousands of different bacteria that reside in and on it.  Because of conventional skin and body care products (including toothpaste and mouthwash), harsh ingredients have been added to kill bad bacteria.  Unfortunately, in the process of killing the bad bacteria, it also destroys your good bacterial. You need that good bacteria to protect you both internally and externally. 

Our products are strong enough to work, yet gentle enough to allow your natural microbiome to re-establish itself and protect you.  Better oral health leads to improved systemic health and the lifestyle you are looking for! 


Founder and Creator of Primal Life Organics.  Life roles include: wife, mother of three, dental health and natural skincare expert, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Yogi, Paleo advocate, and educator.  By nature, I love creating products that heal, soothe, mend and repair the body and soul.

She is the Natural Skincare Expert and Skincare Biohacker and is improving the way you feed your skin.  She is a 25+ year nurse with a Masters in Nursing Anesthesia.  Trina is the international best-selling author of Beauty’s Dirty Secret, skincare and health related speaker/writer and her food-based skincare products have been featured on TV stations all over the country including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. She is dedicated to helping others realize the dangers in everyday cosmetics and skincare, and spreading awareness for the importance of using plant-base, nutritional skincare products.