Aging Skin

For aging skin, Primal Life Organics recommends either the Infiniti and Beyond Primal Face Package or the Infiniti Primal Face Package

The essential oil blend in both packages will help facilitate a more rapid cell regeneration as well as help heal the skin. Additionally, they will moisturize- but not over moisturize your skin as these changes occur by normalizing your own sebum production.  
They are both made with oils and essential oils that target all of the complications from aging: wrinkles, fine lines, age spots or discolorations, scars, saggy skin, dull complexion and it will help to normalize oil production. Both packages also help with skin conditions such as rosacea, melasma and dermatitis. I suggest starting with one package, and alternating the next purchase with the other package- giving you skin a blend of different nutrients.   The difference between the two packages is the serum and moisturizer. With each, you get a choice of either the Earth Face Wash (earthen ingredients like clay and herbs) or Ocean Face Wash (made with Himalayan Sea Salt and Dulse Seaweed). Both contain the Infiniti Face Toner.