Bare, Banished Beyond, Stick Up, Toothpowder



Dear Trina and PLO Team,

I can't tell you how much your products have changed and enhanced my life. Having been gluten-free for 8 years and "paleo" for 3 years, I knew I was healing my body but I still ran into trouble with my skin, most specifically my face.

I have greatly struggled with skin conditions and rashes for the past decade - I would get violent rash flare-ups on my face in response to food allergies, stress, illness, hormone imbalance or just at random, several times a year. These rashes would be incredibly uncomfortable, red, itchy, bumpy, and hard to heal. When the rashes weren't flared up, I still had a subtle, bumpy irritated texture in a few spots that I always covered up with makeup.

I was, many times, so discouraged and frustrated since I tried many topical products, saw aestheticians for facial treatments, took herbal and non-herbal medicines, was eating a clean diet, and felt overall quite healthy.

My skin has always tended to be oily and I tried various facial care product lines to no avail. Then I read Skintervention and started researching more about what topical natural products actually nourish the skin. This is where I first met Primal Life Organics.

In October of 2013, I began a regiment of using the Bare Primal Facial Cleanser, Banished Toner, Beyond Serum, and Bare Primal Moisturizer (which I'd alternate with Vintage Traditions Tallow Balm). I saw immediate results.

By 4 weeks into this regiment, my skin was almost completely clear! By 7 weeks I had no signs of my rash. And my skin no longer felt oily or irritated.

I was happily shocked that I could easily get away with NO cover-up makeup because I no longer had redness...I can't explain what a relief this is and how liberating it feels to no longer have to fuss with the perils of a facial skin condition. In fact, I have taken one international trip and one local trip to the desert recently without a single zit or bump appearing on my face - miraculous!


This leads me to my next beloved product - Primal Foundation. I'm happy to say I don't need makeup anymore (again, a miracle! I saw this in others' testimonials but was skeptical I could ever experience this...and sooo happy to say I can). However, for certain occasions or if I simply feel like it, I use this foundation. The thing is, I don't feel like I'm wearing makeup when I wear it - it feels like I'm wearing literal skin food. My skin soaks it up throughout the day and feels super fresh when I go to wash it at night. It's amazing and feels like my skin can heal itself during the day instead of feeling dirty and clogged as it did with conventional makeup use - even just simple cover-up. I have a method for using Primal Foundation on the go - I place a dab of emu oil (or desired oil) in the palm of my hand, sprinkle my desired amount of foundation powder on top of the oil dab, add droplets of water to mix it all together, rub it into my face and I'm good to go and my skin is oh-so-happy.

And wait, there's more. I use the Primal Pit Stick, which I love and can't recommend enough as a fabulous deodorant - it's the only natural one I've tried that doesn't irritate my arm pits and actually works! The lavender is my personal favorite.

AND, I must rave about the Primal Tooth Powder and Serum. I have never had a cavity in my life and in the past year, I had gone to the dentist to discover I had one in the early stages of development as well as some decay near the gum lines on a few of my teeth. The dentist wanted to drill my young cavity to prevent it from getting to a more severe stage and I declined. I was taking fermented cod liver oil twice a day and decided to floss twice a day and use the tooth powder and serum as my "toothpaste" for a few months and see what would result.

I am proud to say that the decay on my gum lines is completely GONE and a follow-up visit to the dentist showed there was no longer development of a cavity....amazing! My teeth literally re-mineralized with the use of these incredible products. I'm never going back to conventional products again.

Thank you PLO for providing such excellent products that empower people to heal and care for themselves!       

I look forward to using more products - the Infinity line will be next, I think. 

With gratitude,

Mara K