Clean Beauty Movement

We are starting a revolution.

Who the hell wants to infuse their bodies with toxins that one cannot even pronounce? No one! We're trying to CLEAN our skin and mouth, not "pretend" it's clean when it's actually flooded with toxins, chemicals, and nasty a** ingredients.

Think about food. If you eat processed, fast food, you feel gross, sluggish, and often times tired. But, if you eat clean, natural, fresh foods, you feel ALIVE and ready to get the d*mn day going. The same idea applies to your skincare and dental care, hun.  

Are you ready to revolt against the toxins in your beauty regimen?

Big Cosmo is keeping a secret. Those tiny, expensive and exquisite jars of lotions, potions and serum promise to do big things. But what's on the inside is what matters. And what's inside those tiny, beautiful bottles? A dirty a** little secret. 

I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist; therefore, I completely understand the physiology of the body. Until now, I was in chemical trance. Duped by Big Cosmo - but no longer! I have taken the POWER back! Now, I put the POWER of healing your body in your hands! I uncover the Great Skin Lie we have been told and teach you how to super power your skin back to health with the radiant glow you've always wanted!

Here at Primal Life, we don't sway away from using clean, certified organics ingredients. Whether you're cleansing your skin, or cleansing that dirty mouth of yours, you can always feel confident knowing top-notch, clean ingredients are doing the work. 

We're not afraid to call out the B.S in daily products like toxi-paste, wrinkle-making face cleansers, and bad breath causing mouthwash. Join us in this revolution so everyone and anyone can live their healthiest, most optimal life. 

Email me, Trina Felber, Founder and CEO, at Or, call or text me! My number is (419) 356-3843. I can't wait to transform the world with you, babe (or dude)!