Dirty Mouth, Stick Up and Grunt Lip Balm

Hi Trina, 

I had been battling a case of peri-oral dermatitis and side effects of the high strength antibiotics used to "treat"

My research on the topic lead me to forums where others talked about the rash returning again and again Unless stronger and stronger medication was used. Out of fear I started to look for more natural ways to cure myself and get off the medication that made me feel so horrible.  Many sites blame SLS and toothpaste was a huge culprit.   

    Then I saw a Facebook post about the Dirty Mouth Toothpowder and success with children (mine are 5 and 7 and brushing teeth was a nightly fight).  I ordered the package with the serum and decided last minute to try the deodorant as well.  When they arrived the kids were scared, but one time trying it and they were hooked!  They each now how their own small container of "tooth dirt"

The Stick Up is incredible, I started the transition in Southern Arizona in the summer time.  During my transition there were a couple of stinky moments but after reapplying I was good.  I figured if i could survive in weather over 100 degrees and high humidity then the rest of the year would be a piece of cake.  Now that I am 100% detoxed I apply a minimal amount and never have that panic of "oh no I forgot deodorant!"

I think the best of all for me is the Grunt Lip Balm.  I was sent one to try and it has changed my life!  My entire life I have battled dry crusty and sometimes bleeding lips!  My 5 yr old red head with freckles has on and off since birth had a bloody split in her bottom lip.  I have tried everything under the sun, including $30 lip balm with no end in sight.  I took the less is more approach and stuck with mainly coconut oil and accepted our fate.  From the first time I applied the primal grunt to my lips I knew it was special.  It instantly smooths my rough skin and soothes the pain and tightness.  The relief lasts for hours (other brands I reapply multiple times hourly).  The best part was seeing how one application helped to heal my daughters lip and she has not had a split lip since.  I guard my tube with my life and she only gets it once a day :)... Even at that frequency her lips are better than they have ever been, if they start to look rough one swipe and they look perfect.  

I am a fan for life and plan on working my way through your products!  I am constantly sharing your products and site with people I meet!  Thank you

Tracy Crandall