Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Can I use coupon code with Subscribe Program?

If you are trying to order a product with the Subscribe and Save Program, coupon codes will not apply. The Subscribe and Save are already discounted 5%, so we can offer you a refund for the difference (i.e. If the sale is 15% off, we will refund an additional 10% to the subscribed item). This is a new program and we are still developing the technology to make all the pieces work!

If you order, just email us the order number and the coupon code you are using. We will issue you a refund up to the amount of the coupon code.

#2 How Safe Is Lab-Made vs. Nature-Made?

Did you know that ingredients in commercial skincare may not be what they appear to be?

Some are disguised to resemble a natural ingredient, but are really altered chemically and function completely different, and most are harmful. For instance, Retinol A- the compound found in many anti-aging products because it speeds cellular regeneration. It's a little ghoulish and deceptive is all... read this: read more ->

#3 What Everyone Should Know About Their Brain Cells

What you are born with is all you get!

Did you know MOST of the cells of your body regenerate?  Did you know that your brain cells DO NOT?  Do you think you should be concerned with this since chemicals and toxins do cross the blood-brain barrier and will invade your fatty brain tissue?

Yes, chemicals and toxins love fatty tissue and are stored in fat tissue.  Your brain is made up of a large portion of fatty tissue.

Chemicals and toxins from skincare and diet can cause cell mutation and cell death.  Alterations in cells can cause neurological problems- mental confusion, sluggishness, and a host of other physical symptoms.  During fetal development, most of your brain cells and neurons are formed for your lifespan.  Very little neurons are formed after your second birthday.  Read more -> 


#4 Do I have to be Paleo to use Primal Life Organics

No, you do not have to practice Paleo to use Primal Life Organics.  You will still see results, feel the difference, eliminate the toxins that were in your skincare items and you will feel good about the choice you made.  Take this opportunity to see and feel what real-food can do for your body.  Explore the difference and let the experience guide your curiosity.  You may choose to explore further once you see and feel how your body responds to nutrients that come from the earth.   While eliminating foods that can cause disruptions in the body will offer best results, detoxifying your skincare will definitely improve your long-term health.

#5 What's Wrong With Water In Your Skincare?

A very common ingredient in commercial skincare products is water. Humans require water, so what could possibly be wrong with it being a main ingredient in your skincare product? In fact, many commercial skincare products, even the natural ones, list water as the first ingredient. So who cares if your product is mostly water?

Water may be the perfect liquid for your insides, but your outsides feel differently. It might just be where all destructive effects truly begin. Read more ->

#6 Banished and Beyond Package for Acne

Hi TrinaI knew what I ate contributed to my acne- after converting to a Paleo diet, my skin improved. But it wasn't until I removed the toxins from my skincare that I actually had clear skin. 

Banished and Beyond has been a life-saver!! I never realized what I put on my skin was causing hormonal imbalances, excessive oil production and congested skin! I have heard your podcasts, and I have listened to you explain this- but I honestly did not believe it to be true. I am embarrassed to say that- but know others must think the same! 

The food you put in the Banished and Beyond skincare line has healed my skin! It has also faded the scars from my acne- and I can now leave the house without makeup!

Thank you so much for all you do! I will never use anything but PLO again!
Rebecca D


#7 Podcast "Paleo Organic Skincare" with Wendy Myers

Did you know there are about 15 to 20 chemicals that are in beauty products that can actually cause you to create more fat cells or make the fat cells that you already have grow to a really much-larger-than-normal size? 

Don’t miss the Live To 110 Podcast with Wendy Myers and Leigh Lowery.

Wendy Myers, CHHC, is the founder, head writer and Chief Eating Officer of Live to 110. She is a certified holistic health and nutrition coach in Los Angeles, Ca, having attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California. She is also certified in Hair Mineral Analysis for the purpose of designing Nutritional Balancing programs for clients. Read more ->

#8 Adjusting to Skin-Food

Have you recently made the switch to Primal Life Organics- where we leave out the alcohol, fragrance, water and chemicals.  Here is a disclosure: some people WILL experience congested skin- breakouts, redness or general irritation. Does this mean chemical free skin-food is not for you???   ABSOLUTELY NOT!   Here's why: 

Alcohol, fragrance, water and chemicals in commercial skincare products disrupt normal skin function

With prolonged use, the skin adapts to this altered state. For instance, alcohol dehydrates the skin.  The skin adapts by increasing sebum production.  When you remove the alcohol- the skin needs to rebalance to its normal function.  This confused state (adjustment period) can take 3-6 weeks to live thru. During this time, you may experience congested skin (breakouts, redness, irritation). Be patient and allow your skin to heal and return to normal function and you will see the results.  Here are some other ingredients that can reck havoc on the normal functions of the skin- as well as the rest of your body: read more ->

#9 Balanced Bites Podcast #104: Special Guest Trina Felber of Primal Life Organics

Podcast Episode #104: Special Guest Trina Felber of Primal Life Organics

Trina Felber joins Liz Wolfe, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association during this episode of the Balanced Bites Podcast to discuss skincare, detox, kids and more. Read more ->

#10 Detox and Adjustment Period

From The Inside-Out: Get REAL About Detox and Adjustment

We have all heard the word detox; a scary word associated mostly with abuse or over consumption of drugs or alcohol. In reality, it is a natural a bodily function that occurs whenever a substance (good or bad) enters the body.  The longer the exposure to a substance, the longer the detox timeframe.  A short exposure also can lead to detox, but the timeframe may be shortened and the “effects” not as severe. Read more ->

#11 Primal Package Directions

Directions for Primal Face Packages:

  1. Step One: Primal Face Wash.  Gently shake wash.  Massage less than one dropper-full onto wet or dry skin.  Lather and rinse with warm water.
  2. Step Two: Primal Face Toner.  Gently shake toner.  Lightly spray 3-4 pumps on clean, dry skin of face and neck.  Allow to dry.
  3. Step Three: Primal Face Serum or Moisturizer.  Apply small amount to face, neck and eye area.  Under eye area, apply in direction from outer eye towards inner eye to prevent tissue damage. Read more ->

#12 Purely Primal Skincare

Need a Skin-tervention

The  Purely Primal Skincare Guide covers all you need to know about healing and beautifying everything you show the world each day: skin, hair, nails, teeth, and everything in-between. Whether you deal with acne, eczema, or weak hair or nails, or you simply want to know what to use and why, this guide can help youIt's about taking care of yourself from the outside-in AND the inside-out: choosing the right foods and skin-care super-foodshealing digestion; and using the right products. Read more ->

#13 How long products last

Primal Life Organics does NOT add water to any product (other than the Toners).  Our products are very concentrated and only a VERY small amount is needed.  Our products are sized to last 2 months used twice a day. Most clients can get them to last 3 months. If they do not last two months, you are probably using too much. We suggest starting with a small amount, then next time use even less... until you find the right amount for you. The moisturizer and serum should soak in to your skin within 15 minuets. If it does not, you used too much.

#14 Shampoo Bar leaves hair oily??

As with any new treatment, there is an adjustment period.  This adjustment period can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks.  The shampoo bar is no exception.  Factors that can affect the length of time it takes for the scalp to adjust include: diet, hormones, water (hard or soft), and previously used products.  The first couple of uses, you may experience increased oiliness, or residue that remains after washing.  You may need to wash the hair twice followed by the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse the first few times.  Over time, the toxins and chemicals will be removed and the scalp will auto regulate according to your needs. 

I suggest using an ACV rinse.  Vinegar rinses relieve itchy scalp, dandruff, and dull hair and restore the scalp’s natural pH balance.  I recommend starting with 1/3 ACV diluted with 2/3 water and adjusting as needed.  The ACV smell will disappear once the hair is dry. 

#15 Help! Since using Primal Life Organics Facial Package, my skin is now oily/dry/filled with breakouts!! What do I do??

While improvement can always be expected, no two people's skin will respond precisely the same way during the adjustment period. Depending on the underlying issues, hormonal profile and nutritional status, as well as outer factors like humidity, weather/season and water quality, different things may happen in the initial adjustment period - all that means is we now know the small topical adjustments that need to be made. If over-drying occurs, adding a few drops of a particular oil can address that along with perhaps adding a few drops of the serum to a balancing oil like jojoba or EVOO OR using the OCM (oil cleansing method) a few days each week instead with low castor oil, maybe a 1:5 ratio... those types of small tweaks...not doing the OCM on mask days, but making sure to make good use of the mask once a week or every other week.

If over-drying OR increase oiliness and breakouts occurs, the skin may be adjusting to the new products- especially if previously used products contained drying ingredients (benzyl peroxide, alcohol or fragrance) or chemicals.  The adjustment period could take three weeks- or longer depending on all of the above-mentioned factors.  Adding extra moisturizing via oils (jojoba- oil skin, olive or coconut for dry skin) one or two times a day until extra dryness/oiliness resides can help relieve symptoms and facilitate skin healing.

If increased oiliness occurs, I would suggest trying the OCM a few times each week with a 1:2 castor to other oil ratio through the adjustment period then return to the Primal Life Organics cleanser...

#16 Red Face with Beyond?

I recently (just a few days) began using the beyond Primal Serum and moisturizer.  I love the way my skin feels but my cheeks turn a bright red.  It doesn't feel irritated or itchy.  Is this a common reaction during the adjustment period or should I stop using the product?


That is a normal reaction.  That is the blend of the oils and essential oils working to increase the blood flow and improve healing, absorption, moisture etc.  Everyone reacts differently, some get lightly flushed, some get red, other don't get red at all- but it is normal as long as there are no other issues (welts, blotchiness, itching).  You may notice that decreases over time or it varies in amount of redness.  I do get flushed- sometimes a lot, other very little.  Not sure why that happens but that is normal too!  You may also experience a little "heat" as well- and that is normal.  The Skin-Food is working to improve circulation for maximum anti-aging benefit!!

#17 Sample Sizes and Return Policy

Primal Life Organics does not offer sample sizes.

We do have a 30 day money back policy. All returns are subject to a 25% sample fee. Shipping charges are not refundable and may be deducted from refund. 

All products are made fresh when ordered and Primal Life Organics does not re-sell returned items- we promise fresh made skin-food, and that is what we deliver.  

Returns may be managed via our website. 

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