Rosacea and Aging Skin Testimonial

Dear Trina and Team


I am currently under a lot of stress due to various research projects and frequent travel between Middle East, Turkey and UK and it doestake a toll on my skin. However, thanks to your wonderful products and the Skintervention guide, my rosacea, pimples, fine lines, and extreme dry patches have almost completely disappeared within a mere month of Primal Life Organics and coconut/olive oil for a few months before that and all this DESPITE frequent traveling between snow cold Turkey and bone-dry Riyadh and sleeping poorly, not always being able to stay 'Paleo' 100% and too much coffee, etc. My 40-year-old Scandinavian skin truly thanks you.  I was recently judged to be 25 tops by a couple of 20 year olds :D). I am SURE that number would have been 35 just a few weeks ago.


Warm regards,           

Leenah Vogt


Primal Life Organics Products Leenah is using:



               Pomegranate Face Moisturizer                                                                         Banished Blemish Serum



              Infiniti and Beyond Primal Face Package                                          Fire and Ice Primal Face Treatment



                          Primal Pit Stick                                                                                     Dirty Mouth Primal Package