Purely Primal Skincare

Need a Skin-tervention

The  Purely Primal Skincare Guide covers all you need to know about healing and beautifying everything you show the world each day: skin, hair, nails, teeth, and everything in-between. Whether you deal with acne, eczema, or weak hair or nails, or you simply want to know what to use and why, this guide can help youIt's about taking care of yourself from the outside-in AND the inside-out: choosing the right foods and skin-care super-foodshealing digestion; and using the right products. 
The Skintervention Guide was written by the creator of CaveGirlEats.com, Liz Wolfe, a Nutritional Therapist who devotes her practice to helping others heal their body and skin. Trina Felber of Primal Life Organics serves as Guest Expert, sharing her in-depth knowledge in this 200+ page guide that includes the secrets to good food (with easy recipes), healing digestion, and pure body care. You do NOT have to suffer with body-care or skin frustration any more. Learn the why, the how, and the what with the Purely Primal Skincare Guide.