Want Beautiful Skin? So Did I!

But I did not want all of the chemicals and toxins associated with endocrine disruption, cancer, reproductive disorders and skin irritations.  


So I went 100% natural... and I created a line of skincare and makeup that feeds your body the nutrients it needs to glow. 


Radiant and glowing skin can happen- but not when you feed your skin chemicals that disrupt normal function.  Congested, dehydrated, discolorations, dull and wrinkle prone skin can be a sign your skin-diet is lacking in nutrients.


BUT... when you feed your skin vitamins, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and pair that with ingredients that improve cellular turnover, diminish redness, increase blood flow, are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging... you GET RESULTS, and most times, you see a difference immediately!


See, our skin ( and our body) does not want to be invaded by chemicals and toxins.  This means our liver must work harder to detoxify and breakdown these chemicals so they can be eliminated from the body.  When the liver cannot keep up, these chemicals can be stored in the fat tissue for year and disrupt normal cellular function.  


Acne, rosacea, aging, dry skin, dull and wrinkle prone skin, psoriasis, eczema can all be symptoms of toxic overload.  We are exposed to air pollution, water and soil contamination, artificial hormones and preservatives that our liver must detoxify daily.  


In 2008, I decided to DETOXIFY my skincare, and was amazed that I achieved better results from food sources than from chemicals and toxins. My acne resolved, my oily skin normalized, my eczema disappeared and my skin became more toned with improved texture and color.  My fine lines disappeared, acne scars and discolorations have faded and I really look much younger than my 46 years.  

My skincare is made for fresh, food sources such as oils, essential oils, foods, clays, herbs and flowers.  No preservatives, artificial ingredients, chemicals or toxins.  We don't even add water- which is not good for the skin either- read more on what water does to our skin here.


My routine includes

I have created a 100% food-driven solution for every skincare product I need- because I care about my health.  I created my brand because I care about your health!

Please feel free to contact me at support@primallifeorganics.com with any questions.  I am here to help you detoxify your skincare so you can enjoy radiant and glowing skin too!

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Trina Felber, CEO