What Everyone Should Know About Their Brain Cells

What you are born with is all you get!

Did you know MOST of the cells of your body regenerate?  Did you know that your brain cells DO NOT?  Do you think you should be concerned with this since chemicals and toxins do cross the blood-brain barrier and will invade your fatty brain tissue?


Yes, chemicals and toxins love fatty tissue and are stored in fat tissue.  Your brain is made up of a large portion of fatty tissue.  


Chemicals and toxins from skincare and diet can cause cell mutation and cell death.  Alterations in cells can cause neurological problems- mental confusion, sluggishness, and a host of other physical symptoms.  During fetal development, most of your brain cells and neurons are formed for your lifespan.  Very little neurons are formed after your second birthday.  


Below is the average lifespan of cells in the human body.

Type of Cell

Length of Time

Red Blood Cell

120 Days


Over one year

White blood cell

10 hours


10 days


25-30 years




3-4 days


19-34 days


2-3 days


2 days


Don't kill more brains cells- they are not replaceable! Use skin-food to feed the cells of your brains.  Healthy neurons are well-fed.  Well-fed neurons make you feel alive, free and energetic.  


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