What’s the most important question in skin care? Podcast



Podcast interview from Feed The Human!

FTHP 007: What’s the most important question in skin care?  

          • Which products do I need to look younger?
          • How do I get rid of this breakout/acne/redness/age spot?
          • Will this product clog my pores? Is this right for my skin type?
          • These questions are common when it comes to skin care but they are not the most important.
The most important question has nothing to do with how you will look. But how can we not worry about how we look when the media bombards us with images of women with the most youthful, glowing skin? As a women of modern, western culture, we are born into this media construct. Whether the models are 20 or 40 there isn’t a wrinkle or an age spot to be seen. These images sink into our consciousness and without realizing it, we believe this is what we should look like. And the flawless look is attainable if we use the ultra-moisturizing, anti-aging, wrinkle-defying, luminescent, fountain of youth products advertised. Right?
In this podcast, we discuss: 
  • How Trina went from nursing to making skin care products
  • The most harmful ingredients found in skin care products
  • Why we should be more worried about our kid’s products
  • Resources to check what ingredients are in your products
  • What role does our fat and liver play with our skin care products
  • Why we should cleanse with oils
  • The vicious oil production cycle and how to stop it
  • The super star oils you need to know about
  • Why Sandy’s dentist told her to stop using toothpaste
  • Best alternatives to toothpaste
  • Why drug store make up is so harmful to us
  • The magic of clay and how it can detoxify us
  • How to transition from regular shampoo to a ‘no poo’ method
  • What common ingredients offer sun protection (you have it in your kitchen right now)
  • The one SKIN CARE GUIDE we all need

Stop using the products that are full of harmful chemicals.

Start feeding your skin.

Feeding your skin.

Let THAT sink in...

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