Bamboo Toothbrush with Travel Case



We have all been there... packing our bags for a weekend getaway, romantic weekend trip, destination adventure or even the redundant business trip.  You open your toilet bag and there it is!  Staring you in the face wondering if you are going to crinkle your nose like you did the last time you put your toothbrush in the plastic case?  

Don't lose that lovin' feeling every time you pack your toothbrush... store your essential dental tool that keeps your pearly whites smile-worthy in our eco-friendly, natural bamboo masterpiece made to make you smile even wider!


  • STYLISH, SUSTAINABLE, RENEWABLE and SMILE WORTHY- Make a statement that shows you support the environment every time you travel with this eco-friendly, simple design, clean living beautiful Primal Life Organics bamboo toothbrush travel
  • ALL-NATURAL BAMBOO - 100% biodegradable.  Made completely from bamboo which is the fastest growing plant in the world.
  • BREATHABLE - Your toothbrush needs air too... so we designed this toothbrush holder with two air holes to allow moisture to escape from the top and bottom. Humidity and wetness can cause the bamboo to expand, so give your toothbrush time to air dry before storing or towel dry it if you are in a hurry.

Made from 100% bamboo and fits one adult-sized toothbrush. It's great for eco-conscious kids too, so grab one for you and your entire family. 

Click add to cart now and your sustainable and stylish bamboo travel toothbrush case will be on its way. 

*Includes Bamboo Toothbrush and Bamboo Toothbrush Case.  Natural Toothpowder sold separately.


Bamboo naturally expands when moist.  To use, simply twist to remove the lid.  If the lid is tight, allow 1-2 hours for the moisture to settle and try again. 

Insert toothbrush handle-first and replace the lid.  SMILE at the beauty!

*We recommend keeping your toothbrush holder as dry as possible to extend the life of your holder.  Bamboo naturally resists the growth of mold/spores, unless the environment is continuously wet/damp.  

To keep your  Bamboo Toothbrush Holder clean and free from any mold/spores, we recommend occasionally cleaning with lemon oil or a solution of vinegar and water.

Keeping your holder and toothbrush dry and in a well-ventilated area will allow you to enjoy your Bamboo Toothbrush Holder for a very long time!

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