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Primal Life Organics.... Paleo Skincare

Banished™ and Beyond™ Package for Acne

Acne-prone, Aging skin (whiteheads, blackheads, cystic acne and scars)

Harsh chemicals, fragrances and synthetic ingredients in most commercial acne products can cause irritation, inflammation and dehydration that can actually worsen the symptoms of acne. 

Banished™ and Beyond™ Primal Face Package is made specifically for acne-prone skin and provides the ultimate Skin-Food that will nourish, heal, repair and revitalize acne prone skin using only earthen, Paleo, organic ingredients. This package contains natural oils and essential oils to help minimize new scars and help fade existing scars and discolorations from acne. 

**This package is designed to last two months used twice a day.  Many can get our Face Packages to last up to three months.  We DO NOT add water to our products- therefore they are very concentrated and only a VERY small amount is needed.  To read more about why WATER is added to skincare and the harmful effects it can have, read What's Wrong With Water In Your Skincare?

For more instruction on HOW to use our Face Products, click HERE.


The premium blend of Primal ingredients in Banished™ and Beyond™ will help:

  • Moisturize, balance and restore normal sebum production 
  • Decrease bacteria that can cause acne 
  • Provide proper nourishment to your skin via nutrient dense, real food sources, such as essential fatty acids (EFAs), vitamins, anti-oxidants and proteins 
  • Diminish acne and acne scars 
  • Enhance cellular repair, increase blood flow and circulation to aid in healing 
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles 

Banished™ and Beyond™ Primal Face Package for Acne includes: 

Banished Blemish Serum is a unique and premium blend of organic jojoba oil infused with cayenne pepper, organic menthol crystals and a blend of essential oils specifically designed for acne and acne prone skin.  Banished is an effective blemish spot treatment option for those looking for a natural, alternative to toxic chemical therapies and treatments. Banished Blemish Serum contains organic menthol crystals. This activates the skin's cold-sensitive receptors, causing a cooling sensation that overrides the irritation from swollen and inflamed blemishes. This effectively reduces pain, tenderness and inflammation. Banished helps minimize inflammation, redness and promotes fast healing without drying. 

Many with acne are concerned about applying oil to their skin. 

Topical, nutrient dense oil will not cause blemishes. Acne (pimples, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads) can be a result of numerous different factors including hormones, bacteria and diet or lifestyle. Skin is a living, breathing organ that serves as protection against the elements. It regenerates, heals, and naturally produces oil in order to function properly. Natural oil not only lubricates the skin, it helps the skin auto-regulate, heal, protect and moisturize. Properly functioning skin is beautiful, radiant, clear and glowing. 

Oil production should not be inhibited by alcohol, chemicals, fragrances nor synthetic additives or the body will auto protect and product more sebum. Essential fatty acids (omegas 3, 6 and 9) are NOT naturally occurring in the body and must be topically applied. EFAs are necessary to maintain the integrity of cell membranes for properly functioning skin and the regeneration of healthy new skin cells. EFAs help restore the skins natural moisture balance and help prevent unnecessary dryness. Banished and Beyond Primal Face Package for Acne offers protection with EFAs from emu oil, rosehip seed oil, sea buckthorn oil and hemp seed oil. 


Precaution: Original Formulas are NOT SAFE during pregnancy. 

***If pregnant, please ORDER THE "Pregnancy Formula" and the Package will be made with only ingredients safe during pregnancy. If BREAST-FEEDING: the original package is SAFE.*** 


Skin-Food Ingredients in this package include:

  • Benonite Clay*
  • French Green Clay*
  • Rhassouls Clay*
  • Fuller's Earth Clay*
  • Garlic*
  • Turmeric*
  • Rosemary*
  • Ginger Root*
  • Cumin Seed*
  • Rosehip seed*
  • Carrot Seed*
  • Himalayan Sea Salt*
  • Dulse Seaweed*
  • Birch Bark*
  • Burdock*
  • Calendula*
  • Chaste Tree*
  • Coriander*
  • Lavender*
  • Neem*
  • Soapwort*
  • Rose*
  • Tea Tree*
  • Thyme*
  • Walnut*
  • Green Tea*
  • Rosemary Leaf*
  • Apple Cider Vinegar*
  • Witch Hazel* Alcohol Free
  • Tamanu Oil*
  • Hazelnut Oil
  • Argan Oil*
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil*
  • Hemp Seed Oil*
  • Hyssop Essential Oil*


  • Bergamot Essential Oil*
  • Neroli Essential Oil*
  • Clary Sage Essential Oil*
  • Orange Essential Oil*
  • Rosewood Essential Oil*
  • Rosemary Essential Oil*
  • Emu Oil
  • Baobab Oil*
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil*
  • Frankincense Essential Oil*
  • Myrrh Essential Oil*
  • Geranium Essential Oil*
  • Chamomile Essential Oil*
  • Cypress Essential Oil*
  • Red Thyme Essential Oil*
  • Helichrysum Essential Oil*

*Certified Organic



"I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU! Wow, you gave me my face and my confidence back, thank you! I was prepared for the adjustment period. It never came. I thought my face would act up when I started my period. It didn’t. I have not have to go and have a painful injection since I started the Banished™ system. Now, I need to work on these dark scars from the cystic acne. Do you have another magic potion up your sleeve? I am a believer and ready to tackle the scars. I am also going to switch all my body care products from 'Big Cosmo' to your wonderful brand."

Thanks again,




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