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Banished™ Face Toner, 2 oz

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Look, we get it. Every time you pass a mirror you make a concerted effort to look the opposite way. But even if your struggles wit...


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Look, we get it. Every time you pass a mirror you make a concerted effort to look the opposite way. But even if your struggles with adult acne have caused your face to appear a little less youthful and glowing as it once was, it doesn’t have to STAY that way. And here’s our secret anti-aging weapon that can help…

Banished™ Face Toner offers a welcome alternative to the rows and rows of skin toning products you see at the local superstore (you know, the ones you already tried a hundred times but never worked). Because quite frankly, this refreshing, organic acne Skin-Food toner is unlike any other…

We started with a proven, tried-and-true skin toning base—organic and alcohol free Witch Hazel—and infused it with a specially formulated blend of 17 (yes, SEVENTEEN) herbs and spices that 100% Paleo, 100% organic, and best of all, known for their outstanding ability to help tone, tighten, and restore the vitality of youth to your acne prone face.

With our Banished™ Face Toner, you’ll not only pass by a mirror with more than a cursory glance, you’ll actually start seeking them out…so you can admire the dramatic change in your skin. And believe me, everyone else will notice too! 

“Amazing Toner…”

“I used to use just plain witch hazel on my face as a toner. It made my skin feel so much better than when I was using big name brand chemical filled toners. When I found this toner from PLO, I decided to give it a try. It is amazing! It brightens up my skin and makes my skin feel refreshed and clean. I just ordered another bottle because I never want to run out! The entire Banished skin care line is incredible!” Jenna K.


Our Banished™ Face Toner helps to:

  • Gently reduces topical bacteria that can cause acne
  • Purify and tone the delicate facial tissues
  • Prevent and reduce inflammation of breakouts
  • Balance sebum production
  • Stimulate cell activity
  • Reduce lines, fade age spots and diminish scars
  • Enhance cellular repair
  • Maintain and restore pH balance
  • Reduces redness
  • Restore essential vitamins back into your skin, leaving it fresh, nourished and younger looking


Grab this game-changing face toner now by clicking the Add to Cart button, and let us help you to begin your journey to a younger, more lively you!


Witch Hazel* (alcohol free) infused with: Thyme*, Birch*, Burdock Root*, Calendula*, Chaste Tree*, Lavender*, Neem*, Soapwort*, Red Rose Petals*, Turmeric*, Walnut*, Green Tea*, Rosemary Leaf*, Coriander*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Tea Tree*

*Certified Organic

 Tips for Use


Witch Hazel (alcohol free) is high in tannic acids, or tannins, giving it astringent as well as strong antioxidant properties and protection. It is gentle and non-drying to the skin. Witch Hazel reduces irritation on the skin and surface tissue due to the numbing effect that it has when applied. It also helps to prevent any further infection from occurring. Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory, astringent and anti-irritant properties.

Precaution: Original Formula NOT SAFE during Pregnancy!

***Pregnancy Formula will be made without Turmeric, Burdock and Neem. Please order Pregnancy Formula if you are currently pregnant or trying to conceive***

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