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It’s time to rethink the art of color! With our Primal Life Organics’ Cheek Stains, you can finally have that gorgeous flush to your c...

Hibiscus Coral
Beet Berry

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It’s time to rethink the art of color! With our Primal Life Organics’ Cheek Stains, you can finally have that gorgeous flush to your cheeks that makes you look younger, healthier and more energetic, and all from a blush that’s actually good for your skin.

That’s right…

Makeup that’s good for you.

Here at Primal Life Organics, we know that you deserve the best.

You deserve natural.

And, with our Cheek Stains, you can have it.

Primal Life Organics’ Cheek Stains give you a more natural application of color. Unlike those other blushes that are loaded with chemicals and other toxins, our Cheek Stains won’t leave you looking fake or streaky!

Instead, our Cheek Stains give you layers of buildable color so you can get that “Just Right” look every time.

Use dry for a lighter effect or wet for a more pigmented look. The choice is yours.

Even better, our Cheek Stains are made using only natural clays and pigments, like organic beet root and organic pink roses so you get a pretty flush and beautify your skin at the same time.

That’s because the clay used in our Cheek Stains not only provides the delicate skin of your face the minerals it needs to be healthy, it also promotes detoxification to clear and clarify your skin and pores.

It’s no wonder that our customers call our Primal Life Organics’ Cheek Stains their…

“Favorite blush of all time”!!!

“So many chemical and even so-called `natural` blushes have irritated my cheeks, even super expensive ones but this blush has suited me beautifully. I absolutely love the colour, it suits my skin perfectly, on my skin it looks like a peachy-rose colour. It is so flattering and feminine. Furthermore it looks so natural on as well, like I am naturally flushed when I also paint my eyes with it, I look so glowy and fresh.” ~ Kaitlin

And Jess says…

“Love, Love, Love,”!!!

“So turns out THIS is the blush I have been searching for...forever! This blush delivers an awesome, natural and pretty flush...and is good for your skin! I have always struggled with blush looking fake or streaky and the color was never quite right for me. My skin feels like I am wearing nothing at all.”

So, go ahead and order your Primal Cheek Stains now to get the natural glow you’ve always wanted. If you’re still not convinced that our Cheek Stains are the absolute best blush available, head on over to the “Reviews” Section and check out what others are saying.

And, just to make the application of your Primal Stains seamless, don’t forget to choose either the Angled or Curved Professional Cheek Stain brush to add to your cart.

Their soft bristles allow for a very smooth and natural cheek stain application, whether you use the wet or dry technique to apply your Cheek Stains.

Order both your Cheek Stains and your choice of the Angled or Curved Professional Cheek Stain brush and achieve healthier skin and a buildable flush of color using only the best, most natural blush.

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Can be used WET or DRY

WET APPLICATION: Scoop small amount of powder into lid. Dampen makeup brush with water. Dab wet brush into powder and mix into desired consistency. Dab or blot onto cheeks, blending as you go. If any food particles remain on the cheeks after application, simply use a tissue to gently blot off the particles once dry.

Once application is complete, thoroughly wipe out lid with tissue, ensuring that lid is completely dry. Also may be applied dry.

**Samples available on our SAMPLE page

Available with Cheek Stain Brush:

Choose either the Angled or Curved Professional Cheek Stain™ brush. Both brushes feature a sustainable bamboo handle, recycled aluminum ferrules and cruelty-free, all vegan, amazingly soft synthetic taklon bristles.  

Both the natural angled and soft curved brushes contain extremely soft bristles which allow for a very smooth and natural cheek stain application, using either wet or dry technique.  

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally secure plants on earth. Bamboo has a very rapid re-growth cycle, allowing it to be harvested with little impact on the environment.  

Taklon bristles are incredibly soft and allow for a smooth, clean and light application of color, with both wet and dry application of Primal Colors.  

Unlike natural bristles, taklon bristles rarely shed allowing for more consistent application over time.  

*Primal Life Organics recommends using our professional brushes, as they were tested to be the best quality for both wet and dry application techniques for Primal Life Organics premium blend of clay, food and plant sources.  Other brushes may not function adequately and results may not be the same.

Primal Life Organics recommends cleaning all makeup brushes with chemical free soap and water once a month.   


Hibiscus Coral: Pink Kaolin Clay, Cranberry*, Hibiscus Flower*, Arrowroot*, Beet Root*, Pink Roses*  

Beet Berry: White Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot*, Beet Root*, Cranberry*

Peach: Pink Kaolin Clay, Red Kaolin Clay, Beet Root*, Arrowroot*, Pink Roses*

Bronze: Red Kaolin Clay, Cacao*, Arrowroot*, French Green Clay, Cinnamon*, Bentonite Clay  

*Certified Organic

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