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Dirty Poo™ Hair Package

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Wash your hair with dirt.... feel the difference!  The way nature intended! Dirty Poo™ Hair Package includes: One Dirty Poo™ Hair Wash (4 oz, 8 oz or 12 oz Refill)...
Dirty Poo
Hair Serum

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Wash your hair with dirt.... feel the difference!  The way nature intended!

Dirty Poo™ Hair Package includes:


Dirty Poo™ Hair Wash:

Have you ever wondered what earthen ingredients our ancestors used for cleansing purposes??? Some believe our ancestors didn't bathe- We believe they did!  However, their ingredients didn't resemble our modern, bottled, chemical-laden products- they used what the earth gave them. And now- so can you! Dirt. Sea Kelp. Honey. Herbs.  

Filled with vitamins, minerals and negative electrically charged ions, PRIMAL DIRT (clay) is the perfect Poo.

Used alone or mixed with other ingredients, clay can purify, cleanse, tone, heal, soothe and nourish skin and hair. Clay detoxifies, balances, alkalizes and stimulates circulation. Clay contains a unique strong negative ionic charge which acts as a “magnet” that readily attracts any substance with a positive ionic charge. Substances that carry a positive ionic charge include toxins, bacteria, viruses, parasites and other impurities. Clay attracts these impurities, draws them out of the hair and scalp and carries them away with the rinse. The scalp is nourished and cleansed but natural oils remain intact. A safe alternative to commercial shampoo, and Dirty Poo™ is free from all parabens, mineral oils, silicones, fragrance. 

{Primal Dirt Blend} 

Rhassoul, Bentonite, Fuller's Earth and Red Kaolin Clays:

  • Detoxifies
  • Balances 
  • Alkalizes 
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Never underestimate what clay can do in supporting health and well being.

Want to learn more about Dirty Poo™?  Watch our informational Webinar here.


There are no chemicals in Dirty Poo™- just dirt, herbs, honey and sea kelp. It should not affect colored hair- it has not on any testers.   

Directions: Mix 2-3 Tbsp. of Dirty Poo™ in 8 oz water in a squirt bottle. Shake into muddy water. Wet hair, squirt 1-2 oz. directly onto hair and scalp. Massage into hair and scalp. Allow to sit for 1-2 minutes. Wet and massage again. Rinse till water is clear. Style as usual.

Dry Shampoo: Dip dry fingertips in Dirty Poo™ and massage onto scalp. Repeat if necessary.

Ingredients: Rhassoul Clay, Baking Soda, Bentonite Clay, Fuller's Earth Clay, Red Kaolin Clay, Norwegian Sea Kelp*, Honey*, Aloe*, Rosemary*, Lavender* 

*Certified Organic

Salty Hair Texturizing Spray

Sitting beachside often naturally creates a loose, wavy, random texture to the hair. This styling spray infused with magnesium-rich Dead Sea Salt adds volume and thickness without adding stiffness. This ocean-imitating spray will give you that beautiful, "just left the beach" look that will last all day. Primal Life Organics Sea Salt Texturizing Spray is a 100% natural solution for styling hair. 

Hair styling agents often come in contact with your scalp. The scalp is a very vascular part of your body. When the scalp is polluted with chemicals and toxins, harmful effects can occur. Scalp tissue becomes congested, polluted and nutrients cannot be absorbed.  Normal hair and scalp function becomes altered.  The scalp can become irritated, dry, scaly (dandruff) or extremely oily. The chemicals in commercial hair products can affect the hair shaft, causing brittle, thin and easily damaged hair. Toxins and chemicals from commercial hair products also become absorbed into the vascular rich tissue and can cause a wide range of systemic damage, including a disruption to the endocrine system, DNA mutation, reproductive damage, cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, cellular damage (tumor promotor), thyroid damage and more. These chemicals seek fatty tissue for storage, and the brain is the closest fatty tissue. Mental sluggishness, confusion and forgetfulness can be symptoms of this phenomenon.

A very widespread ingredient in hair care products is silicone. Derived from petrol, silicone is a clear liquid which covers the hair layer by layer and gives it a brilliant appearance. What happens, however, is that the hair becomes dependent on this synthetic coating and the scalp ceases to produce its own natural emollients.


Ingredients: Purified Rose Water*, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Red Alaea Salt

*Certified Organic

Directions:  Shake bottle. Spray throughout wet hair and let air dry, or spray throughout dry hair and comb through with fingers, scrunching and separating with fingers occasionally. Also may blow dry on low setting for increased volume. 

**Alternative directions for straight, thin hair: Wash hair the night before and spray hair with Sea Salt Spray while still damp. Then, either loosely french braid into pigtails or wrap in a tight scrunched bun on top of your head. and leave overnight. By morning, your hair should be dry. Spritz with a little more spray and take out the braid/bun. Spray with additional spray and scrunch if you want more stiffness.


Sweet Hair Spray 

Do you suffer from brittle or frizzy hair? Have you ever looked at your hair products and wondered if they could be the cause of your bad hair days? Did you know that most commercial hair sprays have plasticizers in them? We take health seriously and find healthy alternatives for common beauty products. Primal Hair Spray is a blend of simple, earthen ingredients that not only nourish your hair, but are safe for the environment as well. This is a medium hold hair spray that contains cane sugar, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and collagen protein to maintain hair hold. Not only do these hair-healthy ingredients provide the sticking power, but they also hydrate, strengthen and provide minerals important to maintain shine and diminish frizz. 

Ingredients: Calendula* and Lavender* infused Pure Filtered Water, Cane Sugar*, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Rosemary Extract, Collagen Protein**

*Certified Organic

**100% pure, pasture-raised bovine gelatin

Directions: Shake bottle. Spray evenly over hair for soft, natural hold.  ***Use only a small amount!  Using too much can leave hair feeling sticky!


Hair Serum

Our Primal Hair Serums are specially formulated for either fine or coarse hair. Primal Life Organics blends oils that will be readily absorbed into the hair without leaving a "greasy" residue. Sometimes, oils can make the hair look greasy. Commercial products, natural elements and styling products can leave the hair brittle and frayed. Our goal was to incorporate oils that will penetrate, smooth and nourish the hair shaft leaving the hair soft and silky. This hair serum is meant to be applied to the ends of the hair, where most damage, splitting or frizzing can occur. 

Directions: Gently shake. Apply small amount to damp or dry hair ends.  

**Only use a very small amount. Using too much can make the hair appear greasy. 

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