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Are you ready to take the next step to healthier, more beautiful and younger looking skin and teeth? Are you sick of all of those prod...



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Are you ready to take the next step to healthier, more beautiful and younger looking skin and teeth? Are you sick of all of those products chock-full of chemicals and fragrances that you just know are bad for you?

Well, then you’re in the right place.

At Primal Life Organics, we know that you deserve the best…

You deserve natural.

And, that’s why we created our Primal Life Organics’ Detox Sample Bag.

When you purchase our Detox Sample Bag, you get:

  • Earth Face Wash Sample
  • Coffee Bean Serum Sample
  • Black Mini Stick Up
  • Mini Black Peppermint Toothpowder
  • Happy Papillae Tongue Scraper
  • Charcoal Ion Toothbrush

Our Detox Sample Bag offers everything you need to get started on the path to gorgeous skin, teeth and gums and a healthier life.

You see, each item in our Detox Sample Bag was handpicked for the amazing benefits it brings to you.

Here’s why…

Earth Face Wash Sample

It’s the moment we all dread…that one little moment where someone innocently “guesses” your age—and guesses WAY too high. You just want to crawl under a rock, because you KNOW they’re judging you by the lines in your face and your aged-looking skin. So you have 2 choices: Stay with the status quo and start shopping for clothes at those old lady stores. Or get THIS…

Our Earth Face Wash combines gentle cleansers with natural earth elements including White Kaolin clay, French Green clay, organic grapefruit peel, organic Honey and organic lavender to create a unique polishing facial cleanser that helps turn back the hands of time on your looks-to-old-to-be-yours skin.

Coffee Bean Serum Sample

Sometimes the best remedy is the one you least expect. And if you’ve had it with wrinkles, dark circles, puffy eyes, scars, stretch marks, rashes, burns, acne scars, dry skin, or cracked skin, your answer may be as close as your morning coffee….

You see, made with Arabica coffee seed oil, collagen protein and argan oil, Primal Life Organics’ Coffee Bean Serum will help to improve elasticity, encourage regeneration of skin cells, and improve tone. It turns back the clock on your skin and makes your friends ask what you’ve been doing to suddenly look so much younger…

Black Mini Stick Up

For years, you’ve been slathering those flowery smelling deodorants into your pits. And where did that get you? Exactly NOWHERE. The least little bit of sweat and there’s that all-too-familiar odor…whew. You feel like you’ve been in the gym for 3 hours. Even the dog looks at you like, “Really?” C’mon--it’s time for a dramatic change. It’s time for a Stick Up...

Handcrafted FRESH when ordered, Primal Life Organics’ Black Sensitive Stick Up contains activated charcoal which detoxifies your pits while it absorbs 1,000x its own weight in moisture. Black Sensitive will provide an absorbent shield between your skin and your shirt and keep you felling dry longer.

Plus, Stick Up is free from all chemicals, fragrances, aluminum and toxins.

Dirty Mouth Mini Black Peppermint Toothpowder

They said we were crazy to call a tooth cleaning product “dirty mouth”. Crazy like a fox, maybe! Because this revolutionary tooth powder takes the conventional toothpaste formula and sets it on its ear, utilizing earthen clay (yes, CLAY!) to produce a teeth cleansing product that’s got the whole dental world buzzing. But don’t worry—it doesn’t TASTE like dirt…  and this size is just perfect for travel!

Primal Life Organics’ Dirty Mouth™ Toothpowder fills your mouth with vital and trace minerals important to maintaining dental health the natural way. This mildly abrasive toothpowder gently polishes, detoxifies and refreshes your teeth while also helping to re-mineralize and strengthen the teeth.

And, with our Dirty Mouth Black Peppermint Toothpowder, you not only get all the benefits of our original Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, but you also get the added benefit of activated charcoal, which can help remove discolorations, stains (coffee, tobacco, tea, etc.) and debris for a whiter, brighter smile!

Tongue Scraper

Primal Life Organic’s Happy Papillae Tongue Scraper is like a magic wand, making bad breath germs disappear. You see, that icky white coating on your tongue is actually bacteria that put off those noxious sulfur compounds and create the morning breath that makes you want to hide your head under your pillow in shame.

But with Primal Life Organic’s Happy Papillae Tongue Scraper you can finally stop hiding, get the freshest breath you’ve ever had and make your mornings happy again. Made from copper, the only material a tongue scraper should ever be made out of, Primal Life Organic’s Happy Papillae Tongue Scraper is actually antiseptic and anti-bacterial, helping kill off those bad bacteria living rent-free in your mouth.

With the Happy Papillae Tongue Scraper, you can finally get rid of the gunk that brushing leaves behind and get naturally fresh breath you can be proud of.

Charcoal Ion Toothbrush

Psst…. Want to hear the dirty secret to getting the cleanest mouth?

You see, the secret to sparkling teeth and fresh breath isn’t in those old-fashioned brushes that scrape away at your teeth and goopy pastes with that fake mint smell…. It’s actually in a black coal — activated charcoal.  And we infused activated charcoal into the bristles of our bamboo toothbrush so that you can brush the toxins, stains and plaque away!

Unlike with those ordinary brushes, the activated charcoal in our toothbrush takes care of bad breath at the source, absorbing harmful bacteria, stopping tooth decay, and delivering unparalleled cleaning.

To top it off, since the activated charcoal in the Charcoal Ion Toothbrush bristles actually destroys germs on contact, they don’t sit on your toothbrush waiting to be put back in your mouth the next time you brush, like with those other brushes.

Grab Your Detox Sample Bag Today!

If you want the most gorgeous skin, the freshest breath and the healthiest mouth, pits and body, then it’s time to leverage the power of detoxification and get your Primal Life Organics’ Detox Sample Bag now.

Don’t wait…

Add your Detox Sample Bag to your cart for just $44.97 and stop worrying about what all those other chemical laden products are doing to your body.


    Coffee Bean Face Serum (Sample): Argan oil*, collagen protein (bovine), arabica coffee seed oil*

    Earth Face Wash Sample: White kaolin clay, french green clay, grapefruit peel*, honey*, lavender*.

    Mini Black Stick Up Deodorant: virgin coconut oil*, arrowroot root powder*, beeswax*, bentonite**, baking soda** (aluminum free), hemp seed oil*, bergamont oil*, peppermint oil*, lavender oil*, activated charcoal**

    Mini Black Peppermint Toothpowder:  Bentonite clay**, activated charcoal**, white kaolin clay, baking soda (aluminum free)**, French green clay**, organic peppermint essential oil.

    Tongue Scraper (say ahhh!!): Copper because it is antiseptic and anti-bacterial, helping kill off those bad bacteria living rent-free in your mouth.

    Charcoal Ion Toothbrush: Charcoal infused bristles and a bamboo handle.  Powdered by charcoal to help remove debris, stains and plaque.  Eco friendly for a whiter, fresher and cleaner smile.


    *Certified organic/ **Food grade

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