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“Most toothpaste contains a number of slow moving poisons th...


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“Most toothpaste contains a number of slow moving poisons that accumulate in the highly sensitive and permeable mucous membranes in the mouth and lead to toxic overload. Over time, these toxins can cause serious health risks.” For more information about The Dangers Lurking in Your Toothpaste, click HERE

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I use Organic Skincare?  That Must Be safe- RIGHT?

Most likely, the answer is NO.  The term "organic" is used very loosely these days and provides a false sense of security.  The truth is, most organic skincare also contains contaminants, irritants and preservatives.  "Organic" may refer to one natural ingredient while the remainder of the ingredients are harmful. What is Paleo skincare?  Find out (organic spearmint essential oil)more here.

Dirty Mouth™ Toothpowder and Dirty Mouth™ Boost provides powerful, natural, Paleo ingredients to promote dental health, remineralize teeth, support gum tissue and prevent dental disease. 

Dirty Mouth™ Package contains:

Dirty Mouth™ Toothpowder

Primal dirt: Fill your mouth with vital and trace minerals important to maintain dental health the natural, paleo way.  Mildly abrasive, gently polishes, detoxifies and refreshes.  

Have you ever thought of cleaning your teeth with earthen clay? Cleansing your teeth and gums doesn't have to be a toxic endeavor anymore.  Introducing "Dirty Mouth™ Toothpowder."  This refreshing toothpowder is made from a premium blend of three earthen clays, baking soda, and essential oils (peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, anise or cool orange).  Anise tastes like black licorice. 

Safe for children, we recommend Cool Orange or Natural for children and Natural for anyone with oral sensitivities or sensory disorders.  For more about sensory disorders, click here.


Ingredients: Bentonite clay, white kaolin clay, french green clay, organic essential oil of choice.

Directions: Wet toothbrush and dip in powder.  Brush and repeat as necessary.

  • Natural- recommended for kids (no essential oils)

  • Peppermint (organic peppermint essential oil)

  • Spearmint (organic spearmint essential oil)

  • Cinnamon (organic cinnamon essential oil)

  • Anise- (organic anise essential oil) Not recommended during pregnancy

  • Cool orange- (organic orange and spearmint essential oils)- recommended for kids

Primal Life: Putting primal dirt where your mouth is!

A MUST read about the dangers of commercial toothpaste.

Dirty Mouth™ Boost, Gum Serum

Periodontitis is a serious oral infection that can cause tooth decay or even loss. Recent studies suggest oral infections can contribute to chronic inflammation, a condition increasingly associated with the progression of diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, pneumonia and even low birth weight children. Maintaining dental health is an important daily activity that can significantly reduce the bacteria associated with chronic inflammation.

Essential oils are an excellent, natural, Paleo alternative for the prevention and treatment of dental diseases.  Dirty Mouth™ Boost contains 11 essential oils specifically formulated to support all aspects of oral health including the teeth, gums and mucous membranes.

The mix of 11 essential oils contain numerous properties beneficial for dental heath including:

  • Antimicrobial

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Antifungal

  • Antiviral

  • Antibacterial

  • Antiseptic

  • Astringent

  • Analgesic

  • Local anesthetic

Dirty Mouth™ Boost can help relieve symptoms associated with fungal and viral infections (cold sores) as well as gingivitis and denture stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth). 

Ingredients:  Extra virgin olive oil*, tea tree*, peppermint*, spearmint*, lemon*, eucalyptus*, clove*, lavender*, myrrh*, cinnamon*, chamomile*, cypress*   *Certified Organic

Directions: can be used three ways:

  1. Apply 1-2 drops to toothbrush with powder or paste.

  2. Add 2-4 drops to small amount of water and swish or gargle.

  3. Apply one drop on finger and rub on dental floss. 

*Brush, gargle or floss as usual.  To read about the harmful ingredients of commercial toothpaste, please read "Are there Dangers Luring in Your Toothpaste?"


"I was equally impressed with the Toothpowder and Gum Serum. I have had gingivitis/teeth/enamel/yellowing problems since I was a kid. The vast majority of my teeth have cavities in them and I was told as a teenager that if I didn’t do something about my teeth soon I'd have dentures by the timeI was 20. Hearing that put me into panic mode, and I began to take extra care of them. I managed to avoid dentures, but until I switched to the tooth powder/gum serum I still struggled with gingivitis, bleeding, yellowing, plaque build up and sore teeth.  No more! The last time I was at the dentist my dentist could not believe how good my teeth/gums looked, and even asked me if I went somewhere else to bleach them because they were looking so white. When I said no she asked me a lot of questions about the product I was using – to which I happily told her. My gums no longer bleed, my I have not had a cavity in ages and don’t think I ever will, and they are stronger and whiter than ever."

More Testimonial from Kimberly here.


"I must rave about the Primal Tooth Powder and Serum. I have never had a cavity in my life and in the past year, I had gone to the dentist to discover I had one in the early stages of development as well as some decay near the gum lines on a few of my teeth. The dentist wanted to drill my young cavity to prevent it from getting to a more severe stage and I declined. I was taking fermented cod liver oil twice a day and decided to floss twice a day and use the tooth powder and serum as my "toothpaste" for a few months and see what would result. I am proud to say that the decay on my gum lines is completely GONE and a follow-up visit to the dentist showed there was no longer development of a cavity....amazing! My teeth literally re-mineralized with the use of these incredible products. I'm never going back to conventional products again.


~Mara K

Read more testimonial from Mara K here.


Kids sometimes feel toothpaste is too "spicy" or they have sensitive teeth and do not want to brush their teeth.  Primal Life Organics Toothpowder is used by many children with sensitive oral membranes. We recommend the Cool Orange or Natural Flavors for children. For an article about children and sensory disorder, click HERE.