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Earth Cleanser PROMO

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Save your face!  Using the wrong face wash can be damaging to your skin!  Harsh chemicals can dry your skin and cause irritations.  That, my friend, can make your skin look older than it is! 

But NOT with our face washes!  We formulate our face washes to be gentle enough to clean the daily grim off your skin, without removing your natural oils! This will help your skin feel more hydrated and look younger! BOOM!  That's what you want, right?

Start your beauty routine helping your skin stay hydrated and it will improve the penetration of your serum or moisturizer!


If you’re suffering from the effects of dull, aging skin, then you need our Earth Cleanser…

Our Earth Cleanser combines gentle cleansers with natural earth elements including White Kaolin clay, French Green clay, organic grapefruit peel, organic Honey and organic lavender to create a unique polishing facial cleanser that helps turn back the hands of time on your looks-to-old-to-be-yours skin.

HAND BLENDED in small batches, these organic cleansing botanicals and organic herbs and clay leave your skin feeling very soft, clean, and polished. Gentle enough to be used daily, you’ll see and feel the difference almost instantly, as the anti-aging effects of finely ground herbs and clay begin to stimulate your skin and help return the fresh, healthy glow of youth once again.


“Not Just for the Face…”

“Before PLO I used to wash my face just a couple times a week; I have pretty well behaved skin and any facial wash would just disturb the good balance. Not so the Earth face wash - it takes care of any oils and grime and just lets my skin be its healthy self! But my favorite thing about it is that it's perfect for washing the private parts, where preserving the delicate balance is even more crucial.” Gittit


Don’t hide behind a rock any longer—restore your face to the youthful look you deserve with our Earth Cleanser. Click the Add to Cart button now!


Primal Life Organics offers Subscribe and Save options for many of our products.  This allows you to never worry about running out of your favorite products, and you also save $$$ on every purchase!  (Bonus: all orders over $49 ship for free!  So make sure to add your toothpowder and deodorant to the same subscription!)

The face washes are designed to last 120-150 washes.  Using the wash twice a day, we suggest a subscription interval of every 8-10 weeks.  You can change or modify your subscription in your account if you need.



120-150 washes

Directions: Wet hand.  Squeeze approximately 1 inch of face wash into the glass dropper. Squeeze face wash into palm of wet hand.  Rub hands together to lightly lather. Massage onto wet or dry skin. Wash and rinse with warm water. Follow with Face Serum and/or Moisturizer. SMILE.

*Store the dropper empty to avoid deterioration of the rubber dropper



Cleanser: Saponified coconut*, olive* and jojoba* oils, aloe vera* and rosemary* extract.

Earth: White kaolin clay, french green clay, grapefruit peel*, honey*, lavender*

 *Certified Organic

Earth Face Cleanser combines gentle cleansers with natural earth elements: White Kaolin clay, French Green clay, organic grapefruit peel, organic Honey and organic lavender.

White Kaolin Clay is rich in magnesium, silica, potassium and calcium. It reduces dryness and improves skin clarity and elasticity, and is excellent for sensitive, dry or maturing skin, as it does not overly "pull" the natural oils from your skin. This will help stimulate circulation while gently exfoliating & cleansing your skin.

French Green Clay is used in the finest spas for facials and herbal body packs, this French Green clay has the ability to absorb dirt, oil and bacteria from your skin & pores. Your skin will be left gently cleansed, soft & vibrant.

Grapefruit Peel is high in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, and calcium. It is considered an excellent antioxidant and promotes the synthesis of new collagen and improves skin tone.

Honey is known for its skin, moisturizing, healing and softening benefits. Honey attracts dirt from skin pores and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and acts as a natural skin cleanser and softener.

Lavender prevents scarring and has antibacterial, soothing, calming, and restorative properties.


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