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Jade Facial Roller


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Wake up, energize, and restore your entire face with the cooling, soothing power of the Jade Gemstone Roller from Primal Life Organics.  Jade is a gemstone that has been used to draw out negative energy and balance 'chi', which is also known as 'life force' or 'energy' in traditional Chinese medicine.

Our Jade Facial Roller is the beauty tool every beauty drawer needs.  It's timeless, simple, and will last a lifetime... and it gives results! 

Jade is relatively cool to the touch and has the ability to stay cool even when it comes in contact with the skin. 

Topically, it has been shown to calm skin while delivering anti-aging effects, like reducing the appearance of wrinkles for a smooth, flawless complexion.

A little tip: You must have patience with this energy-producing beauty tool.  Results are not instant and may take a little time.

How Jade benefits the skin:

  • It soothes the skin Massaging your face and neck with an ultra-smooth jade stone roller feels cool and pleasant to the touch as it glides across your skin. Unlike bare fingers, this roller won’t pull and tug at your skin, which helps to preserve the skin’s elasticity, keeping wrinkles at bay and soothing the skin rather than irritating it. The larger roller can be used all over the face including the eye area.  The textured end can help smooth and stimulate trouble spots on the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. 
  • It smooths out the skin Did you know that your face contains 42 different muscles? Tense facial muscles and repeated expressions such as squinting, furrowing the brow or raising the forehead can lead to deep lines across the surface of the skin. The ultra-gentle massage action of a jade roller relaxes the facial muscles, helping to relieve strain and lines. Helping these muscles to relax with gentle massaging can certainly go a long way in maintaining a smoother and more youthful complexion
  • It makes your skin extra glowy.  The energy from the jade roller increases circulation to your skin. With better circulation, your skin enjoys an increase in the amount of oxygen and nutrients flowing to its surface. The roller can also be used on the sides of your neck to help massage and promote better circulation in the lymph areas where toxins can build up.
  • It supercharges your other skincare products.  Skincare products, no matter how good, aren’t useful unless they actually absorb into the skin. Our Jade Roller works in harmony with our serums, moisturizers, and elixirs by making the application process more efficient. Although you can use the roller on bare skin prior to applying your skincare products, you can also use it immediately after applying them to help work them into the skin. Try using the Jade Facial Roller right before applying our Gemstone Serums or Blu Berry Elixir for a major skin boost.  


STEP ONE: Wash that beautiful face of yours! You want a clean face before you jade roll. We recommend the Earth Face Wash!

STEP TWO: Moisturize with facial oil... We suggest Aura Serum or Blu Berry Elixir.  Apply your Serum on your face, forehead, under eyes and neck.

STEP THREE: roll it out!  (see image below)

How to Jade Roll your face (use the textured side for trouble areas like your forehead or laugh lines):

  1. Cheeks & jaw. Place the large end of the jade roller on your chin, apply medium pressure and roll it towards your ear. Repeat in the same spot 5 – 6 times, then move up along your cheek. Repeat on the opposite side.
  2. Forehead. Next, move up to your forehead. Starting in the middle of your forehead, use the large end to roll towards your ears. Repeat in the same motion 5 – 6 times then switch to the opposite side of your forehead.
  3. Under eyes. Apply medium pressure and roll from the inner eye towards to outer corner. Repeat 10 – 15 times and switch to the other eye.
  4. Brows. Follow the same method as the under eyes, just above the eyes!
  5. Crows feet. Use the textured end, apply medium pressure and move the small end of the roller rapidly up and down on the corner of your eye. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Jaw. Finish off using the textured end of the roller to dig deep into the join of your jaw. Press firm, move back and forth and then use rapid rolling on spots that feel especially tight.

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It's pretty

Didn't have it long enough to notice a difference. I like the feeling on my skin.

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