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They said we were crazy to call a tooth cleaning product "dirty mouth". Crazy like a fox, maybe! Because this revolutionary tooth powder takes the conventional toothpaste formula and sets it on its ear, utilizing earthen clay (yes, CLAY!) to produce a teeth cleansing product that's got the whole dental world buzzing. But don’t worry - it doesn't TASTE like dirt...

Quick question—how are your teeth these days? Are they bright white? Or a little yellow?

Our Dirty Mouth® Toothpowder helps your teeth feel cleaner, stronger and look whiter.  Our toothpowder fills your mouth with vital and trace minerals important to maintain dental health the natural way. This non-abrasive toothpowder gently polishes and refreshes your teeth while also helping to clean the teeth. Our premium formula helps cleanse the tissues from things like oils, toxins and impurities found on the surface of your mouth. 

Revolutionizing the way you brush your teeth! It's the best natural toothpaste -- but in powder form. With our Dirty Mouth® Toothpowder, you’ll get a refreshing cleansing agent that’s made from a premium blend of three earthen clays, baking soda (aluminum free), and essential oils—AND it tastes incredible! Check out our different flavors below…






Since November 2016






*When making the switch to Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, we suggest brushing with the regular formula for one month (to help clean and freshen the mouth) before using the Black formula.

Three sizes available:

  • Mini (60 brushings)
  • 1 oz. (200+ brushings)
  • 4 oz. family size (800+ brushings)

This is 100% concentrated and only a very small amount is needed. Just a dip of the top 1/2 of your brush needs dusted with toothpowder.

We’re very excited about our BLACK Dirty Mouth Toothpowder with Activated Charcoal (whitening formula). Because when you brush with this formula, you not only get all the benefits of our original Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, but you also get the added benefit of activated charcoal, which can help remove discolorations, stains (coffee, tobacco, tea, etc.) and debris and leave the surface area cleaner and whiter looking.

So now you’re not only getting healthier looking teeth—but amplifying the whitening power for whiter, brighter smile as well!


Primal Life Organics offers Subscribe and Save options for many of our products.  This allows you to never worry about running out of your favorite products, and you also save $$$ on every purchase! 

Suggested subscription interval (this would be for one person using each size.  Adjust subscription length if sharing)

  • Mini (60 brushings)= Subscription every 4 weeks
  • 1 oz. (200+ brushings)= Subscription every 12-16 weeks
  • 4 oz. family size (800+ brushings)= Subscription every 16 weeks depending on family size.

*You can change or modify your subscription in your account if you need.



Wet your toothbrush. Shake off excess water.  Dip the tip (1/2-2/3 of the brush) in the toothpowder. Brush for 2 minutes. Spit, rinse and SMILE!

Alternative directions:

  • Scoop a small amount into your palm (or small bowl) and dip your brush into the powder. Brush for 2 minutes and SMILE!
  • Scoop a small amount of toothpowder onto your brush. Brush for 2 minutes and SMILE!

Tips for kids:

  • First trick: show them how the powder is white in the container. Let them watch you brush your teeth. When you spit- show them how it's BROWN and say "Wow, look how dirty my teeth were! Let's see how dirty your teeth are!" (Also great to get them to spit).
  • Second trick: if they won't try/use the powder, you can apply the toothpowder first (small dusting) to their brush and put their toothpaste over it. Decrease the amount of paste you apply every few days until you don't need any.

**Can follow with Boost Gum Serum to help clean gum tissue.

**Our toothpowder is safe to swallow for kids and adults, but Primal Life Organics does recommend spitting your toothpowder out because clays absorbs toxins from the surface of your teeth and gums

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Remineralization can occur in your teeth- BUT 6 things HAVE to happen first.  If these 6 steps do not happen, DEMINERALIZATION will occur and the first sign of demineralization is SENSITIVE teeth. 

In this FREE webinar, you’ll find out what these 6 steps are and how to increase your ability to promote NATURAL remineralization!


INGREDIENTS: Bentonite Clay**, Activated Charcoal** (Black formula ONLY), White Kaolin Clay, Baking Soda (aluminum free)**, French Green Clay**, organic essential oil of choice.

Sweet formula is sweetened with monk fruit (sugar free). 

Monk fruit extract actually gets its intense sweetness from unique antioxidants called mogrosides. 

Bentonite Clay is nontoxic and rich in vital minerals that are very beneficial for our teeth and gums – like calcium and potassium. It is a very mild abrasive clay that gently scrubs and beautifully polishes the teeth. It works as an astringent by helping to remove tartar and clean the gums.

White Kaolin Clay is high in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium. It helps to whiten and polish the teeth.

Baking soda (aluminum free) is alkaline with a pH of 8.1 and will neutralize the acids in the mouth and. Baking soda acts as a very mild abrasive for cleansing and polishing the teeth, , removes odors and can help freshen the breath.

French Green Clay (also known as Illite Clay or Sea Clay) is very absorbent, and helps cleanse the tissues from things like oils, toxins and impurities found on the surface.  Mined from bedrock quarries in France, it is sun-dried, completely natural, unscented, and fragrance free. French Green Clay is a bio-mineral, and contains decomposed plant matter as well as many trace minerals, including: silica, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, cobalt, manganese, phosphorous, silicon, micro-algae, kelp, and phyto-nutrients.

Organic Essential Oils are used to freshen the mouth and make you forget that you are brushing your teeth with Dirt! 



Visit our FAQ page for a complete list of product questions/answers.  For toothpowder, look under DENTAL



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