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Sick of all those flying, inching, creepy crawling bugs that leave you scratching but don’t want to coat yourself in dangerous che...



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Sick of all those flying, inching, creepy crawling bugs that leave you scratching but don’t want to coat yourself in dangerous chemicals or smell like a toxic waste dump?

Well, you’re in luck.

Our Primal Life Organics’ Boot-A-Pest™ Bug Spray helps repel mosquitoes, ticks, lice, ants and more naturally, no chemicals and no stink!

Now, you finally have a way to give those pests the boot for you, your baby and big kids or even for your fur babies with no worries.

You see, unlike so many bug sprays on the shelf, our Boot-A-Pest™ Bug Spray doesn’t just work, it’s completely DEET-free.

So, why’s it so important to be DEET-free?

Let me tell you.

DEET isn’t just known for irritating your skin, and making it dry and itchy when it’s supposed to prevent that itch…

It’s also linked to seizures and comas because of how it absorbs into your skin, affecting your organs, brain and nervous system.

I don’t know about you but it doesn’t seem like a good trade-off for avoiding a few bug bites.

Can you imagine spraying such a dangerous chemical on yourself, much less the sensitive, susceptible skin of your child?

And, if you’re a mom-to-be, picking only the most natural, DEET-free repellent is even more important since it crosses the placenta barrier and goes right to that precious baby growing inside you.

That’s why our Primal Life Organics’ Boot-A-Pest™ Bug Spray comes in not just one but two unique formulations…

One for adults and kiddos alike.

And, one specially made for expecting mommies.

Both Primal Life Organics’ Boot-A-Pest™ Bug Sprays are super effective and send bugs the signal “Keep Away, Off Limits!”

Thanks to the special combination of oils in our Boot-A-Pest™ Bug Sprays…

Oils plants use to keep pests from snacking on them, you and your kids can enjoy your time outdoors and without paying the price of red, itchy welts or infected sores from that scratch, scratch, scratching.

With its fresh scents of lavender, geranium, rosemary and other natural oils, it’s finally a bug spray worth going outside for.

And, just to ensure our Primal Life Organics’ Boot-A-Pest™ Bug Spray is absolutely the best, most natural way on the market for you to protect your  family and keep those bugs from biting, we’ve used only 100% Certified Organic ingredients…

Because, you can trust your family to Primal Life Organics.

Grab your Primal Life Organics’ Boot-A-Pest™ Bug Spray today and take back the outdoors with the bug spray that’s safe and makes you smell good too.

Being outdoors should be as delicious for your body as it is for your soul

Why Boot-A-Pest?

Insects have an extremely acute sensitivity to odors. Since insects and plants evolved together, complex interactions have developed between them. Just as many plants can use odors to attract pollinators, they also produce scents to ward off insects that might eat or harm them. Many of these scents come from the oils produced by the plants. Different oils repel different bugs, so it’s best to use a combination of oils to ward off several types of biters when creating a bug repellent. 


What's wrong with commercial bug spray?

DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide) has been around for over 50 years and is a toxic chemical commonly found in commercial bug spray repellents that is easily absorbed from the skin and distributed to all organs including the brain (and the fetus, if pregnant). This chemical, used to repel mosquitoes, has an extensive history of causing seizures in adults and children potentially leading to death. DEET has been found in the placental blood of newborns.

DEET has been shown to be toxic to humans and domestic animals, and ­reactions can be severe, rapid and sometimes fatal. The compound ­directly affects the central nervous system, causing seizures and comas; children are particularly susceptible to its effects in concentrated formulations.   DEET is also a know skin irritant.  

Boot-a-pest™ Bug Spray is 100% natural, effective and safe against flying pests.  Made with the ingredients Mother Nature gifted to the plants for their own protection.

My love for outdoors, plants and Mother Nature led me to create a Bug Spray worth going outside for! Made with the natural odors and oils from the plants themselves!

We made it last summer and tested it camping, fishing and just playing around! It's safe, plant based, effective and delicious for your body- but not the bugs!


Ingredients: Witch Hazel* infused with Thyme*, Lavender Flowers*, Rosemary Leaf*, Neem Leaf* and Catnip Leaf*; Peppermint Essential Oil*, Citronella Essential Oil*, Clove Bud Essential Oil*, Geranium Essential Oil*, Tea Tree Essential Oil*, Lavender Essential Oil*

Pregnancy Formula Ingredients: Witch Hazel* infused with Thyme*, Lavender Flowers*, Rosemary Leaf* and Neem Leaf*; Peppermint Essential Oil*, Geranium Essential Oil*, Tea Tree Essential Oil*, Lavender Essential Oil*

*Certified Organic


Witch Hazel (alcohol free) is high in tannic acids, or tannins, giving it astringent as well as strong antioxidant properties and protection. It also has anti-inflammatory, astringent and anti-irritant properties. Witch hazel is gentle and non-drying to the skin, and reduces irritation due to the numbing effect that it has when applied. It also helps to prevent infection from occurring. 

Thyme is a natural mosquito deterrent, approximately 62% as effective at repelling mosquitoes as DEET. 

Lavender has a strong scent which is disliked by many insects. Lavender is analgesic, insecticidal, antiseptic and calming; these properties are particularly suitable in both preventing insect bites and soothing insect bites and stings. Lavender can also prevent the spread of infection caused by a bug bite and controls the itching and inflammation that often follows. 

Rosemary is a natural repellent which is effective against mosquitoes and ticks.

Neem has pesticide and germicide properties which makes it a very effective insect repellent. Neem Oil has many complex active ingredients that are similar to the hormones that insects produce, so the insects take up those ingredients just like natural hormones. Neem enters the system and blocks the real hormones from working properly causing Insects to "forget" to eat, to mate, to fly, or they stop laying eggs. If eggs are produced they don't hatch or thrive.

Catnip naturally has a high mosquito-repelling ability. In a 2010 study, researchers found that the natural oil within the leaves is ten times more effective than DEET at repelling mosquitoes.

Peppermint Essential Oil is effective against mosquitoes, as most bugs despise the smell and taste of peppermint.

Citronella Essential Oil is effective against mosquitoes and flies; approximately 30-40% as effective as DEET. The citronella plant has a very strong aroma that mosquitoes greatly dislike. 

Clove Bud Essential Oil is effective against mosquitoes.

Geranium Essential Oil is effective against many insects including mosquitoes, flies, and ticks.

Tea Tree Essential Oil is a great natural bug repellent and has been known to repel mosquitoes, lice, ants, and many other insects that bite. It also soothes insect bites and stings and helps in the removal of ticks. It's even a great moisturizer, eczema fighter, and fungus fighter.

**Pregnancy formula made without catnip, citronella and clove bud.


Directions: Shake. Hold container 6 to 8 inches from skin and spray with a slow sweeping motion. Use just enough to cover exposed skin. TO APPLY TO FACE: Spray palm of hand first and then apply sparingly and avoid eyes.

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