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Primal Colors Lid Stain™ Samples

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Primal Colors Lid Stain

Organic Skincare.  Paleo Skincare.  Natural Skincare.  Vegan Skincare.  Gluten-free Skincare.



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Primal Colors Lid Stain

Organic Skincare.  Paleo Skincare.  Natural Skincare.  Vegan Skincare.  Gluten-free Skincare.

Primal Colors: Redefining What Natural Really Means to Make Up

Now available in sample sizes! 

**The quantity included in samples is large enough for 2-3 applications. Refunds will not be issued for samples (no returns).  Get the full size here!

PLO blends the vibrant colors of the earth to provide an eyelid stain that is unique and beneficial for the skin, and it puts you in control of the color. Our Primal Colors Specialist uses a unique blend of earthen foods, plants and dirt (clay) to create the color palate of our Lid Stains™. 

The Food:  Provides the color as well as the nutrients.

The Dirt:  Provides the medium by which the color adheres as well as benefits for the skin, including detoxification and minerals.

The Science Behind Primal Colors:

The Re-Generation of Makeup

Unique and unlike any other make up, Primal Life Organics invites you to open your mind and re-learn the art of color application. Become a Primal Colors Artist as you experiment with color in a completely different way. Staining your face with Primal Colors allows for a more natural application of color.

Primal Colors contain a propriety blend of food and plant sources with dirt. When mixed with water, the pale powders transform into vibrant colors. In essence, when water is added to the powder, the color is released (along with the nutrients) from the food or plant source. The color adheres to the dirt- and the colored water is painted on the skin. It "stains" the skin with a natural hue.

Some blends can be used dry, however, PLO recommends applying them wet to benefit from the nutrients released when mixed with water. Secondly, the water intensifies the color- some blends have very little color applied dry. A third application technique is to apply the Colors dry over an oil based moisturizer (i.e. any of our Face Moisturizers, or Coconut Oil). 

Acai Berry (Plum) Ingredients: Acai Berry*, Arrowroot*, White Kaolin Clay, Alkanet Root*, Cranberry*, Hibiscus Flower*

Clover (Light Green) Ingredients: White Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot*, Spirulina*

Stone (Grey) Ingredients: Sea Clay, Arrowroot*, White Kaolin Clay

Mud (Brown) Ingredients: Cacao*, Arrowroot*, White Kaolin Clay

Charcoal (Dark Grey) Ingredients: White Kaolin Clay, Sea Clay, Activated Charcoal

Grass (Dark Green) Ingredients: Spirulina*, Yellow Kaolin Clay 

Rose (Light Pink) Ingredients: White Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot*, Cranberry*, Pink Roses*

Lilac (Light Purple) Ingredients: White Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot*, Acai Berry* 

*Certified Organic

Directions: Scoop small amount of powder into lid. Dampen make up brush with water. Use wet brush to mix into desired consistency, then apply. Once application is complete, thoroughly wipe out lid with tissue, ensuring that lid is completely dry. Can also be applied dry onto dry skin or over oil-based moisturizer.  

***Sample and trial sizes cannot be returned.

Primal Life: Primal food colors for your skin!

Disclaimers: We recommend that all make up be mixed with water each day in single use quantities. The food elements of the lid stains will cause mold growth when left moist for longer periods of time. Refunds will not be given for any product not used as directed. 

Organic Skincare.  Paleo Skincare.  Natural Skincare.  Vegan Skincare.  Gluten-free Skincare.

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