How To Detox Your Pits Daily

Worrying about underarm sweat and odor throughout the day? Don’t! Sweat is actually normal and healthy on a daily basis. It releases the unwanted nor needed salt, alcohol and cholesterol that is trapped in our body from our diet.

Using Stick Up Natural Deodorant allows your body to properly detox itself, leading to much better overall health. This deodorant can be used at night, too! Just simply apply before bed and wash it off in the morning before your new application.



Using this deodorant correctly is key. Properly massaging 2-3 swipes into your underarms allows your lymph nodes to work correctly. Your lymph nodes actually require a subtle massage for them to drain the toxins and waste build up from bodily tissue. The massage moves the lymphatic fluids around for the body to them dispose of them. Watch this video on how to properly apply your deodorant to receive the best results.