Are You At Risk For Osteoporosis? Open Your MOUTH and Find Out!

Another reason to see your dentist: Your dentist may be the first health professional to suspect you have osteoporosis.

Have you ever thought about the density of your facial bones?  Bone is bone, and if your bones are becoming weak, what can your facial bones tell you about the health of ALL of your bones?  There is a good possibility that you can detect osteoporosis by taking a look INSIDE your MOUTH...

Osteoporosis weakens bones by reducing their density. Although the disorder can strike any gender at any age, the vast majority of osteoporosis patients are women over age 50.

Osteoporosis can be difficult to detect, and most patients remain undiagnosed until their bone density decreases to the point that a fracture occurs. However, your dentist may notice symptoms of tooth loss or gum disease that indicates the early stages of osteoporosis. 

Take a closer look inside your mouth!  As with any disease, early detection and prevention is the key to long-term health.  

4 Signs Of Osteoporosis

Your dentist may detect the first stages of osteoporosis based on a review of your medical history and the results of a clinical and x-ray exam. Your medical record provides information about risk factors such as genetics, calcium deficiency, smoking, menopause, excessive caffeine or alcohol intake and an inactive lifestyle. In addition, several other signs may alert your dentist to the possibility of osteoporosis:

  1. Bone loss in the jaw and around teeth. Bone loss in the mouth may be a sign of bone loss in other parts of the body. Year-to-year comparisons of dental x-rays may indicate a decrease in jawbone density and the bone around your teeth, revealing the advancing stages of the disease.
  2. Tooth loss. People with low bone mineral density tend to lose more teeth or have loose teeth.
  3. Loose or ill-fitting dentures. Bone loss may become so severe that it may be impossible to create functional dentures. Without the aid of dentures to chew many types of food, older patients may suffer severe nutritional deficiencies. In addition, ill-fitting dentures can lead to mouth sores and difficulty speaking.
  4. Gum disease. This condition contributes to bone loss and may provide a clue to the diagnosis of an underlying disease such as osteoporosis.

Although tooth loss is a well-documented consequence of periodontitis, the relationship between periodontitis and skeletal bone density is less clear. Some studies have found a strong and direct relationship between bone loss, periodontitis, and tooth loss. It is possible that the loss of alveolar bone mineral density leaves bone more susceptible to periodontal bacteria, increasing the risk for periodontitis and tooth loss.

Let's take care of our bones... 

My friends, Mira and Jayson Calton, are on a mission to help 1 million people prevent, stop or reverse osteoporosis, and I want to help them!  

Osteoporosis is really important to Mira and Jayson because Mira was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis when she was just 30 years old. Not wanting to take the pharmaceutical path for fear of the potentially dangerous side effects, Mira sought out Jayson, a Ph.D. in human nutrition and a pioneer in micronutrient therapy, and the two worked together to find a way to rebuild Mira’s bones.  

Amazingly, after two years not only had Mira and Jayson fallen in love and gotten married (I love that part!), but they were also able to completely reverse Mira’s advanced osteoporosis using their unique protocol that focusing on food, lifestyle and micronutrient therapy.  

I recently had the chance to interview the Calton’s and I believe that they have a message you NEED TO HEAR. They have the most powerful message to share with everyone and I am lucky enough to be able to share it with you.

As a nurse and dental health expert, I believe in their mission because your dental health is based on bone health.  Their 12-Week Program is a jump-start to internal and dental health.


Now, for the first time in their new book, Rebuild Your Bones, the Calton’s share the exact same drug- free protocol they used to reverse Mira’s advanced osteoporosis safely and naturally, as well as a cutting-edge new science that has been clinically proven to prevent and reverse bone loss.

To get all of their great knowledge into the world they have authored a brand new book called Rebuild Your Bones: The 12-Week Osteoporosis Protocol.

The sad truth is, statistically speaking 20% of all Americans, and more than 50% of Americans over the age of 50, are suffering from osteopenia or osteoporosis and desperately need the information in this book.  If you are suffering from low bone density or know someone who is, or if you are interested in preserving your bone health as you age (and who’s not!) – join me in supporting the Calton’s mission and pre-order a copy of Rebuild Your Bones today.

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It all starts inside your mouth... 

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