A Natural & Safe Mouthwash Alternative

A Natural & Safe Mouthwash Alternative

You've been brushing your teeth since you were a child - but when was the last time you decided to upgrade your oral health routine?

With the plethora of dental hygiene products on the market, how do you choose which is best, and importantly, which ones are the safest?

We were thrilled to see Total Beauty took a deep dive with suggestions on how you can upgrade your oral health routine, featuring our Dirty Mouth Gum Drops as a safer alternative to mouthwash.

Primal Life Gum Drops Featured In Total Beauty

Dirty Mouth Gum Drops are made with natural ingredients such as essential oils, organic herbs, and minerals. Rather than killing all of your healthy bacteria with a toxic mouthwash, Dirty Mouth Gum Drops work to nourish and support healthy gums and teeth.

It has powerful antibacterial properties that can help fight against plaque and gingivitis, and its natural minty flavor helps freshen your breath without any chemicals or artificial flavors. 

Give your mouth an oral upgrade! Your gums will thank you!

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