FRAGRANCE: The "F" Word in Skincare

Although it sounds like it, that wasn’t a trick question… I promise!

You use the word to describe your favorite smell, but what
about your favorite skincare ingredient?

Same spelling and pronunciation, fragrance is used interchangeably
but the meanings of this word couldn’t be more different.

The FDA defines fragrance as “a combination of chemicals used to give cosmetics their distinct scent.” The side effects of these combined chemicals can be devastating to your skin and overall health.
Fragrance has a negative impact on how your skin looks and feels.

The damage from fragrance happens on the inside first, so the destruction may not be visible on your skin for years.
Fragrance has been known to have toxic hormonal effects,
cause migraines, and even cause cancer.

Premature wrinkles, discolorations, loss of collagen and elastin, thin, lifeless looking skin, easily irritated and sensitive, subject to
breakouts, redness, and rashes.

Once visible, the damage is more difficult to repair leaving you
wondering “how did my skin age so much overnight?”

After reading that, you’re probably concerned with "what the ‘F’ is in your skincare?” …Unless your skincare is from Primal Life Organics!

We believe beauty is found in nature… and all of those wonderful smells are captured in the “essence” of plants!

Instead of fragrance, we rely on the potent aromatics
found naturally in skin-food ingredients used to heal,
hydrate, soothe, and nourish the body.

Ditch “fragrance” and go for essential oils for
younger-looking, softer, and more toned skin!

From head to toe, Primal Life Organics is here to support you with nature-inspired products, free from fragrance or any other toxins.

Each one was designed to create whole-body health and peace of mind in knowing we have you and your entire family covered!