Should You Use A Tongue Scraper? Dentists Share The Benefits

Should You Use A Tongue Scraper? Dentists Share The Benefits

We could rave all day about how amazing our products are, but hearing how Primal Life has changed our customers' lives, in addition to seeing Primal Life in the news, truly gives meaning and purpose to why we do what we do.

Recently, Primal Life Organics Copper Tongue Scraper was featured on CNN Underscored, in an article titled, “Should You Use a Tongue Scraper? Dentists Share the Benefits of this Viral Oral Care Practice”.

Our Tongue Scraper was mentioned as being one of the best tongue scrapers, recommended by Dr. Marc Lowenberg, a cosmetic dentist in New York City.

Primal Life Organics Copper Tongue Scraper as seen on CNN Underscored

At Primal Life, we believe tongue scraping is an essential part of a good oral care routine. As the article states, using a tongue scraper has a number of benefits, including eliminating bad breath and instantly giving the feeling of a cleaner mouth.

This is because one of the leading causes of bad breath is the microscopic food particles and bacteria on the tongue. Using a tongue scraper helps to remove anything on the tongue leftover after brushing.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Marc Lowenberg of Lowenberg, Lituchy and Kantor in New York City also says that tongue scraping is an important step in a complete oral hygiene routine. “It can’t replace brushing, but should be done in addition to brushing, flossing and rinsing,” he says.

In addition, tongue scraping can promote a healthier mouth biome (the community of bacteria that lives in the mouth) and reduce the occurrence of inflamed gums. “[Tongue scraping] helps restore the balance of ‘good bacteria’ in the mouth by removing the ‘bad bacteria,’ thus contributing to better oral and general health,” share Dr. Haleh Abivardi and Dr. Golnar Abivardi, the founders of Vvardis.

Adding a tongue scraper to your routine only takes seconds. It can be used before or after you brush your teeth, and being gentle is important. You only need to use gentle pressure to be effective.

“Stand in front of the mirror, hold the tongue scraper and gently pull in one stroke towards the top of the tongue,” Lowenberg says. The dentist advises rinsing the scraper in between each pass, and to take up to 10 strokes, “until your tongue feels clean and no longer has a coating.”

When choosing a tongue scraper, Dr. Lowenberg recommends the Primal Life Organics Copper Tongue Scraper. “Copper is not only toxic to the bad bacteria but also provides important enzymes that are needed for the healthy bacteria to survive,” the dentist shares.

Ready to uplevel your oral care routine? See how clean your mouth can feel with a Primal Life Organics Copper Tongue Scraper!



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