Can’t Live Without My Dirty Mouth Toothpowder and Dirty Poo Hair Wash!

Hey Everyone my name is Kimberly and my journey with Primal Life Organics began late last May. I had been hearing great things about PLO on the online community, and I had been wanting to try them out for quite some time. I had gone Paleo the September before, and suddenly found myself very conscious of the products I put on my skin, and began to make efforts to go toxic free – but the college student in me couldn’t justify spending extra money on things that I could possibly do from home – so for months and months I attempts to find a toxic free hair shampoo, and failed.

I tried  a bunch of different things with my hair – including the no poo method, along with a couple of other things. To say my hair didn’t like it would be an understatement. Within a few hours of washing my hair with the no poo method my hair would be limp, stuck to my scalp and greasy, only to be brittle and dry the next day – it was a strange combination. For months I told my self “its just the adjustment period, it will get better”, but it didn’t – it only got worse. After about 6 months of wearing a hat nearly every day and trying to convince myself that my hair didn’t look that bad – I broke down and ordered the Dirty Poo Primal Hair Wash, along with Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, Boost Gum Serum and the Carrot Seed Cleanser. Let me tell you – the Dirty Poo was a game changer. For the first time in months I didn’t feel embarrassed to go out in public because of the way my hair looked, and the need to was it became less frequent, and my hair would even start to look better a few days after washing it. If that wasn’t enough, my hair began to do what I want when I styled it and for the first time in my life my naturally limp and fine hair began to build up some body! I was ecstatic, and will honestly never go back if I can help it.

I was equally impressed with the Toothpowder and Gum Serum. I have had gingivitis/teeth/enamel/yellowing problems since I was a kid. The vast majority of my teeth have cavities in them and I was told as a teenager that if I didn’t do something about my teeth soon Id have denture by the time I was 20. Hearing that put me into panic mode, and I began to take extra care of them.

I managed to avoid dentures,but until I switched to the tooth powder/gum serum I still struggled with gingivitis, bleeding, yellowing, plaque build up and sore teeth.  No more! The last time I was at the dentist my dentist could not believe how good my teeth/gums looked, and even asked me if I went somewhere else to bleach them because they were looking so white. When I said no she asked me a lot of questions about the product I was using – to which I happily told her. My gums no longer bleed, my I have not had a cavity in ages and don’t think I ever will, and they are stronger and whiter than ever.

I have also used the Carrot Seed Cleanser and Primal Colors (make up) Lid Stains (I am still learning the art here!) and have had great experiences with them both! I would love the opportunity to use more of Primal Life Organics, and it is my first recommendation to people when they are looking for non-toxic products. I have included a picture of myself here – this was taken 6 days after washing my hair with Dirty Poo and its still looking good, and my teeth are looking whiter and healthier than ever.

Thank you for changing my life Primal Life Organics! Your products make me feel beautiful.