Holistic Cold and Flu Prevention

There’s nothing worse than the burden of getting a cold or catching the flu during the fall and/or winter. One day you wake up feeling like a million bucks, then the next, you’re slouched on the couch, hugging a box of tissues, drinking tea and honey, and binge-watching Netflix.

During this, you may be asking yourself, “how did I even catch this bug” or “am I ever going to not feel like death again?” What you may not have known though, is that you actually need to prepare your body for cold and flu season. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you.

Prepping your body for this season is much easier than you may think! Here are four ways you can get your system prepared: 

Eat and drink healthy

Now, we know this is tough! Think about it: it’s a beautiful crisp fall evening; you’re comfy and cozy on the couch, maybe enjoying a beverage, and a nice, sweet treat would just top the night. Don’t do it! Eating junk food is all fine and dandy in moderation, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Your body needs healthy sugars, carbs, and nutrients from fruits and veggies, water, hot tea, and other nutritious foods and drinks. Unfortunately, coffee, wine, cookies, and pie do not make the cut.

Drink lots of water

Water does amazing things for the body! An article written by Venta discusses a study that was conducted showing how one’s intake of water affects their susceptibility to catching the flu. Staying hydrated goes beyond not catching the flu. It allows our bodies to regulate body temperature, lubricates joints, helps deliver nutrients to cells, gain a good night’s rest, have a better mood, improve cognition, and helps fight infections. We get it; sometimes, it’s hard to constantly drink water throughout the day. Primal Life’s Hydrate. Naturally Supplement is a unique liquid blend of aloe vera, goji berries, and Shilajit. This is known to get rid of water weight, aid digestion, facilitate detoxification improve immunity, tackle hormonal and food-related bloating, increase energy, and improve memory! This is a leading supplement to add to your water to increase your hydration throughout the day.

Maintain an active lifestyle

Get moving! Regular and consistent exercise strengthens the immune system. Venta’s article mentions a study that correlates activity with the immune system – when you are active, your immune system receives a jump start and can better support you. Not to mention the benefits it has for your physical health, too! Eating healthy and well, drinking water, and staying active will help you look and feel your best.

Rest up

Days can be jammed packed with activities between work, physical activity, social life, family, house chores, etc., which is why having an adequate amount of rest is crucial. It truly helps your immune system fight cold and flu season when your body is rested and revitalized. Also, when life is filled with all kinds of activities and responsibilities, stress becomes a factor. When you sleep, it essentially turns your body off and allows you to calm down, rewind, and wake up ready to take on another day – cold and flu-free! Struggling to fall and stay asleep? You’re not alone. Many people suffer from the same issue. Primal Life offers an all-natural sleep aid: Sleep. Naturally Supplement. Taking this a little before bedtime allows you to fall into the REM sleep cycle, which brings the most repair and rejuvenation to your body.

Keep your whole body healthy this cold and flu season by switching over to seasonal skincare products. Just like your wardrobe, your skin products should be thicker and more protective, just like the sweaters and boots you wear. Primal Life offers a Seasonal Beauty Box that supplies you with the ultimate skincare products made for each season. Goodbye dry, cracked nose, and hello soft, moisturized skin.