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Psst…. Want to hear the dirty secret to getting the cleanest mouth? Yeah, I know… it sounds strange. But, if you’re still using a ...



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Psst…. Want to hear the dirty secret to getting the cleanest mouth? Yeah, I know… it sounds strange. But, if you’re still using a plain, ordinary toothbrush, you’re going to want to hear this.

You see, the secret to sparkling teeth and fresh breath isn’t in those old-fashioned brushes that scrape away at your teeth and goopy pastes with that fake mint smell…. It’s actually in a black coal — activated charcoal.  And we infused activated charcoal into the bristles of our bamboo toothbrush and you brush the toxins, stains and plaque away!

Here’s why…

Tea, coffee, and wine… sure they taste great but let’s face it, they can leave ugly stains on the surface of your teeth. But, the activated charcoal infused bristles of our new Charcoal Ion Toothbrush absorbs the acids left behind by your favorite beverages, naturally whitening your teeth and getting rid of those deeply embedded stains —say goodbye to those harsh whitening strips and gels.

And, that bad breath that makes even your dog turn up his nose? It’s a thing of the past when you switch to the Charcoal Ion Toothbrush. Unlike with those ordinary brushes, the activated charcoal in our toothbrush takes care of bad breath at the source, absorbing harmful bacteria, stopping tooth decay, and delivering unparalleled cleaning.

To top it off, since the activated charcoal in the Charcoal Ion Toothbrush bristles actually destroys germs on contact, they don’t sit on your toothbrush waiting to be put back in your mouth the next time you brush, like with those other brushes. Yuck!

It’s time to toss away that old-fashioned brush and amp up your oral hygiene with the power of charcoal. Let the Charcoal Ion Toothbrush made from sustainable and recyclable bamboo with charcoal infused bristles remove those plaques and stains, kill germs, and finally give you the fresh breath and bright smile you’re looking for.

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How it works

Our charcoal infused toothbrush gently and naturally removes plaque while detoxifying and whitening your teeth! Activated charcoal binds to and removes the tannins from coffee, tea, tobacco or other color-rich products that cause discoloration of your teeth.

Charcoal is a great source of negative ions. Studies show that negative ions can help release the gunk that builds up on your teeth — including tartar! It’s also antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antiviral.

Soft, charcoal-infused ionic bristles naturally help:

  • Remove plaque
  • Reduce stains
  • Add whitening power
  • Eliminate bad breath
  • Kill bacteria
  • Detoxify gum tissue

Clean, detoxify, whiten and remove plaque 100% naturally!


We are eco-conscious and want to reduce our footprint on the earth.  Zero waste!  Even the box is recyclable! 

Did you know?

Even the simplest households objects, like your toothbrush, can affect the environment. Unfortunately, our everyday, average toothbrush is made from plastic and can takes hundreds of years to degrade.

If you care for our environment and want to make a difference, you are going to love our Bamboo Charcoal Ion Toothbrush. It is a 100% biodegradable toothbrush that is made with a bamboo handle and charcoal infused soft bristles which will biodegrades in approximately 4 months.

It’s not only healthy for you, but it’s also healthy for Mother Earth: it’s sustainable, BPA free and recyclable.

How To Use

Bristles are soft-medium and infused with charcoal. Please brush lightly your first few uses. The negative ions in the charcoal pull toxins and cleans the gum tissue. You may experience tender gums for the first few uses.

Directions: Wet. Apply powder/paste. Brush for two minutes. SMILE!

Toothbrush: Because the body is made from 100% Natural Bamboo wood, it does expand slightly if you put very hot water on it, so please do not do this because some bristles may fall out.

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