Live Call WIth Dr. Henning Saupe Answering Your Toughest Cancer And Chronic Disease Questions

Live Call with Dr. Henning Saupe Answer Your Toughest Cancer And Chronic Disease Questions
A third of all Americans will suffer from cancer in their lifetime. By 2040, this number is expected to be one in two.

Alarming as this may seem, there’s an extremely common misconception that cancer cannot be prevented, treated, or cured through healthy changes and natural remedies — all while maintaining a high quality of life!

…that’s why you have to meet Dr. Henning Saupe on this free live video call. 

As founder and director of Germany’s leading complementary cancer clinic, Dr. Saupe provides expert insight to supplement standard treatment models with less burdensome, less invasive, and more natural methods. 

Here’s why you should care:

We just received an exclusive link from Ryan Sternagel and our friends at Going Integrative Plus for an insider Q&A call with Dr. Saupe.

Normally, you would pay to attend one of these private calls, but we have permission to let you in for free! All you have to do is click the link below…

==> Go here to confirm your video call with Dr. Henning Saupe on Wednesday, January 25th at 1:00 PM ET (spots are limited)! Those who register will receive access to the replay.

These calls are not open to the public, so please click the link and reserve your spot today.

Once you attend, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your most burning cancer (and chronic disease) questions and to receive answers drawn from 25+ years of medical experience! 

But maybe you’re wondering, “I don’t know this Dr. Saupe guy… I’m not sure I can trust him.”

So just to prove to you that Dr. Saupe isn’t messing around…

Here are the highlights: 

  • After completing his studies in psychotherapy, Dr. Saupe served in Stockholm for ten years as a general practitioner focusing on naturopathy, anthroposophical medicine, and holistic cancer therapy.
  • In the mid-2000s, Dr. Saupe founded the Arkadia Klinik in Stockholm – Sweden’s first hyperthermia clinic specializing in oncological hyperthermia.
  • In 2007, he was awarded Professor Olof Lindal´s Prize for Complementary Medicine for his pioneering contributions to medical hyperthermia in Sweden.
  • Dr. Saupe’s new book, Holistic Cancer Medicine, is a groundbreaking, comprehensive guide with an essential and compassionate message: “A diagnosis of cancer and living a vibrant life are not mutually exclusive.”

  • Dr. Saupe’s brain overflows with decades of hard-earned wisdom about noninvasive, complementary cancer treatment, prevention, and natural healing through lifestyle changes.

    Sometimes the best way to shortcut your healing journey is to pick the right brains, so…

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