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Let's Talk About Parasite Detoxing

Have you ever done a parasite detox? 

I talk a lot about toxins in our environment that you need to detox, but parasites are another thing you have to manage.

Just look at this list of symptoms parasites cause:

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Hydroxy-what? Hydroxyapatite: The Secret Ingredient That Will Transform Your Oral Health

Hydroxyapatite (HAp) is a relatively new ingredient that is taking traditional and holistic dentistry by storm! This powerful ingredient is naturally produced by the body and makes up 97% of the calcium found in your enamel! So, if you want to obtain strong, healthy enamel that protects your smile from dental illnesses such as cavities, a yellow appearance, or even gingivitis… it only makes sense to implement HAp into your daily oral care routine! 

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Earth Day With Primal Life

At Primal Life, we like to say every day is Earth Day.

We prioritize Mother Earth and what she has to offer by utilizing her incredible ingredients in all of our products, and maintaining sustainable routines so we don't harm the ecosystem.

Celebrate the beautiful world we live in today, and every other day as we recognize our planet the Earth Day.

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Step-By-Step: Improved Real White Teeth Whitening System

YAY! And congrats! You've committed to improving your oral health naturally. We are so happy your are doing your smile and overall health such a well-deserved service. 

We have a new and improved Real White Teeth Whitening device! Check out the quick video demonstration below to learn how to properly use the device. Happy teeth whitening!

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

We all want to be healthier, happier, and more energetic.

The problem is, there are a million diets out there, and tons of training regimes or radical lifestyle changes… And we have no idea which one is the right one for us.

And that’s not all. Most of us have jobs and families that require us to be present, which doesn’t leave much room for lifestyle changes.

Is that it? Will we never manage to live a healthier life?

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