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Toothpowder or Toothpaste?

When strolling down the dental care aisle, what’s taking up a majority of the section? Toothpaste. What’s an alternative that some people still do not even know exists? Toothpowder. Being that these two options are available for people, the notorious question arouses: is it better to use toothpowder or toothpaste?

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Slugging: The New K-Beauty Trend

Have you heard about the new beauty trend? It’s called “slugging.” Sounds pretty gross, right? Daley Quinn from Real Simple explains it perfectly: “slugging is a K-beauty trend of generously applying petroleum-based product as the final step in your routine, to help lock and seal in your skincare products overnight, and then washing it off with a cleanser the next day.” Are you saying “eww” yet? The idea of lathering a petroleum-based product – which is often times a jelly-like substance – on your face just sounds… yucky.

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Become Best Friends With Your Skin

Do you look in the mirror in complete confusion when looking at your skin? Knowing your skin type can be rather difficult. It varies from person to person and can be highly affected from outside factors. For example, stress, weather, diet, or water consumption. If you do not know your skin type, there is a very high chance you are not taking care of it properly – ultimately leading to you not liking your skin. Your skin has the potential to being the goal skin type: normal. When it is properly taken care of – based on your skin type – the end result will look as though you’ve had normal skin your whole life! 

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3 Easy Steps to Reset Gut Health With The Book Oh, Sh*t!

Personalize your gut healing with Oh, Sh*t!

What you really need is a more personalized plan that feels natural to your body's specific needs – one that you wake up and choose every morning with joy and trust, rather than force yourself into that one-size-fits-all box that has proven to be ineffective.

In my decade of clinical practice, I've learned where people fall off track. Oh, Sh*t! is written in a way that will help you reset your gut easily and effortlessly, without intense restrictions and limitations. 

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Dental Hacks You MUST Know About!

Open up and say AHHHH!  If fear instantly shudders through your body, you are not alone.  

According to the ADA, by the time you are age 65, you have a 96% chance of having a cavity.  

Guess what the ADA doesn't want you to know... 100% of cavities are PREVENTABLE! 

Yes, you read that right... plaque buildup, gingivitis and cavities are a CHOICE!

Learn the DENTAL HACKS you MUST know about to NEVER GET A CAVITY AGAIN!  In this video, we share things that NO dentist talks about!

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