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Optimal Health Begins In The Mouth

Your oral health is the gateway to your immune system. During these trying times, it is vital to maintain overall health so your body can fight off viruses and infections. Building up your oral health is the finest way to help your immune system stay on its feet. 

Dr. Anna Cabeca and I dive deep into the true meaning behind this loco-sounding statement of "optimal health begins in the mouth."

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70 Doctors Reveal Secrets to Heal Microbiome

There’s a new online video event called INTERCONNECTED: The Power to Heal From Within – a 9-day video series featuring seven of the world’s foremost authorities in the new medicine of the microbiome.

Healthcare professionals everywhere have caught on to the notion that chronic diseases are the result of a persistent microbiome imbalances.

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Tips To Maintain Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating isn't only a choice, it's a lifestyle. When I say I know how tough it can be to commit and transform your life for the better, I mean it. You go grocery shopping and the bakery section is basically smacking you in the face saying "come over here, we have the goods!" Or the desert table at the party you went to last night looks absolutely divine and it almost felt like a felony passing it up. I'm not saying to completely shut out all forms of sugars, but keep in mind healthy ones are way better and more beneficial than artificial ones. Furthermore, we all need a little secretive treat every now and then. I won't say anything if you don't say anything. My good friend from Balanced Habits partnered up with me to give you the best 9 habits to maintain healthy eating. Below you will get a sneak peak to habits I follow to ensure I live my healthiest, happiest lifestyle. Happy healthy living, my friend!

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Your Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe it? The Holiday Season is already here!

This time of year brings so much joy, yet it also brings so much stress. Choosing the perfect gifts for all your friends and family is never easy, but with the help of our 2021 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, you may become the best Secret Santa the North Pole has ever seen.

Primal Life is devoted to offering our valued customers with the best, most trusted products in the market. Below you will find a detailed list of personally chosen gift suggestions from our Founder and CEO, Trina Felber. Let’s make this a happy, safe, and healthy falalalidays and get to shopping!

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