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7 Benefits of Adding Oils to your Skincare Regime

By now, you probably know that sleeping without removing your makeup is a big no-no, and so is not moisturizing your skin regularly or applying SPF. Consider these the cardinal rules of skincare. But what about using serums and oils on the skin? They truly don’t get the attention and appreciation they deserve.

If you have not incorporated the two in your skincare regime yet, here are some of their benefits that will persuade you to do so.

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Why Your Health Is Important: From Your Tongue to Your Toes

Did you know that your mouth can influence your posture, breathing, diseases, sleep disorders, and more? You probably did not realize what a huge role your mouth, and more specifically the placement of your tongue, has on your overall health. So today, I will be discussing the importance of your tongue and oral health. 

The tongue connects through fascia tissue all of the way down to your toes. So, this pertains to how the foods we choose to eat, the hygiene of our mouth, our tongue placement inside of the mouth, our morning and nightly routines, and more affect our body’s overall health. 

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What Dental Complications Untreated Stress Can Lead To

You know yourself well… what are some nervous habits you catch yourself doing when you’re extremely overwhelmed and stressed? Are you biting your nails, picking at your cuticles, or peeling off your nail polish? How about aggressively scratching your arm, head, hand, or other part of your body? Maybe even bouncing or shaking your leg so fast that you’re inadvertently moving the table you’re sitting at. 

If you’re saying “yeah, I do that” to any of those acts, you’re not alone! These are very common nervous habits people do in attempt to deescalate their stress and anxiety levels; therefore, don’t feel an ounce of bashfulness admitting to these things.

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To the parents who want to offer their children healthy choices:

How do you handle health and safety choices for your kids in today’s world?  

As parents, we are navigating…

  • Environmental toxins,
  • Air quality,
  • Offgassing materials,
  • Nutritionless food,
  • Inadequate sleep,
  • And so much more.  

Seems a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it?

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Five Habits For Healthy Skin

You’re spending more money than you can imagine on skincare products and still not getting the results you want...

You’re washing your face once in the morning and once at night, following up with the essential serums and moisturizers, and STILL not getting the results you want…

It’s time to re-evaluate. It’s not the skincare products that are the problem here; it could be the habits you have – or in this case, don’t have. Let’s discuss five habits you should practice to help obtain great skin!

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