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Primal Life's Recipe to Glazed Donut Skin

We have been seeing “Glazed Donut Skin” everywhere! So, we wanted to provide you with some insight on what it is, how it benefits your skin, and how you can implement this regimen into your nightly routine! 

The “Glazed Donut” skincare fad refers to your skin looking as smooth and as glossy as a glazed donut! By applying this generous amount of moisturizer to a clean face before bed, the skin will have ample time to soak it up while you sleep and rejuvenate your skin. Do you want to know the recipe for glossy, glazed skin but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve you covered! 

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Fix Your Mouth/Fix Your Health with Cynthia Thurlow and Trina Felber

Tune in to Everyday Wellness with Cynthia Thurlow as Trina Felber and her go into detail on how to fix your mouth/fix your health. If you didn’t know, your mouth is like the gateway to your overall bodily health. If it is not properly taken care of, your health could eventually decline.

You will be shocked to find out that the antiseptic products we use on our mouth are doing us more harm than good! Using natural products to pivot and biohack your oral health will not only give you stronger, whiter and healthier teeth, but also a kickstart to better day-to-day health!

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Know the Power of Essential Oils: How They Can Heal You

Did you know that you can turn on your immune system and calm your anxiety by stimulating the most important nerve in your body? 

This nerve plays a massive role in your overall health and is super easy to activate.

But most people don’t even know about it.

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Slow Down the Aging Process

Let's face it, aging is inevitable (but we all wish it wasn't). You wake up and attempt to get out of bed but your body is saying "nope, not with these aches!" Then once you finally get yourself up and moving you hear crackles and pops coming from places you've never heard them come from. Shall we even mention your skin? Everyday you may wake up and notice a fine line that was not there the day before...sound way too familiar?

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