Exfoliate Your Way To A Full On Glow Up

Exfoliate Your Way To A Full On Glow Up

According to Eden Gilliam, a New York-based licensed esthetician, to prepare our skin for new environmental conditions when the seasons change, professional treatments should make up about 25% of our skin health or should be done at least seasonally. She recommends resurfacing peels which will clear the way for moisture-locking treatments and care.

There are some excellent at-home exfoliating and peeling treatments to maintain skin health and appearance in between seasons (or seasonal appointments), and Gilliam explains what to look for depending on your needs: "Enzyme peels are great treatments for those who are nervous about getting stronger chemical peels, or those who can't afford the downtime of their skin actually peeling, as well as for those with acne, discoloration, and dull skin that needs a quick pick-me-up. Enzymes work on the surface layer of the skin, while acids work in deeper layers to dissolve dead skin cells."

Natural enzymes, like those from pineapple, papaya, mango, as well as helpful acids, can be found in face exfoliators and peels, along with other skin-loving ingredients — so you can get the feeling and glass skin and anti-aging effects of a real facial — at your own home. Very sensitive and acne-prone skin options are included!

We are thrilled to have our Sweet Revenge Face Exfoliator featured on Total Beauty in an article titled, “Shed the Old — Exfoliate Your Way to a Full on Glow-up”. Sweet Revenge was touted as a powerhouse and skin-loving sugar, oil, caffeine, and vitamin C exfoliator, perfect for leaving skin looking flawless and restored.

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