Celebrate Beautiful Hair… Naturally Get Back To Your Roots!

Hair BannerApproximately eight years ago, when I gave up Big Cosmo and threw away almost every beauty product they offer, I reluctantly ditched my hair products as well! Gone went the toxic shampoos, conditioners, mousse, gels, smoothers, volumizers, texturizers and sprays!

Talk about motivation to create my own healthy alternative! Bad hair days, ponytails and hats became a wardrobe staple for a while. I was lucky that my work uniform as a CRNA included not only full hair coverage, but also a facemask!

WHY Dirty Poo?? (dirty what??)

When I decided to make “healthy” a lifestyle, not just a diet- I realized very quickly that this lifestyle includes everything in my environment that I can control. It was a “purification” process that included not just skincare and makeup- but hair care as well. I know that my scalp is one of the most vascular areas of my body- have you ever had a cut or laceration on your scalp? It bleeds like crazy and can make a very tiny cut seem like it’s a huge gaping wound! My 15-year career as an ICU/Trauma nurse proved this as well, especially during motorcycle season. Head wounds were common and I was always amazed at just how vascular the scalp is.

So, knowing this, finding an alternative to chemical laden shampoo and styling agents became a mission. I tried the No-Poo method (washing with baking soda only), and it actually worked quite well- but after a few months, I began to feel like my hair was dry and course. Not soft and silky like I wanted.

I also knew that my scalp needs nourishment- just like every other part of my body. Baking soda provides no real nourishment for my scalp. It is lacking in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins and other basic nutritional structures that my hair and scalp desire to remain healthy and feel soft and silky.

So off I went to my ingredient supply and formulated Dirty Poo. I mixed together three different clays, a few herbs and some food ingredients so I could clean and nourish my hair and scalp. When I thought about life millions of years ago- I had to wonder how primitive societies cleansed and bathed. It dawned on me that most likely, they used what nature offered in their own environment. Earth’s soil bed is comprised largely of clay- and clay contains minerals that innately have a strong negative ionic charge, which acts as a “magnet” that readily attracts any substance with a positive ionic charge. Substances that carry a positive ionic charge include toxins, bacteria, viruses, parasites and other impurities.

I can speculate (or imagine, if you will) that if I were a primitive human, and I wanted to bathe, I might use the dirt of the earth to wash the grime of the day away from my hair and body. It actually sounds quite amazing, and in reality, mud baths are a luxury at most SPAs and resorts today. Imagine a time when taking a mud bath was normal!

So, add the minerals offered by the clays with herbs and foods that provide the protein structures, essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients, and I created a Poo that not only cleans the hair, but nourishes it and the scalp as well. Because of the negative ionic charge, clay attracts the impurities, draws them out of the hair and scalp and carries them away with the rinse. The scalp is nourished and cleansed but natural oils remain intact. Used alone or mixed with other ingredients, clay can purify, cleanse, tone, heal, soothe and nourish skin and hair. Dirty Poo™ a safe alternative to commercial shampoo and free from all parabens, mineral oils, silicones, fragrance.


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I care about your hair and your health! ~Trina Felber, CEO, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA