Synchronicity Biohacking

Trina Felber, Skincare Biohacker & Radhika

Enter a dinner conversation between friends! I love to talk with my clients. The Natural Wonders of the world are the elite of health and fitness and I learn a lot about their successful strategies for love, self, family, work, relaxation, friends and theories.

En Route to Austin, Texas this past weekend I realized my Thursday evening was free. As I contemplated my open evening, I though “How fun would it be to enjoy dinner and conversation with a PLO Natural Wonder!” I posted a dinner invite on Instagram and Facebook and Radhika answered immediately!

We set up a time and place, and she was kind enough to pick me up and we enjoyed such a great conversation, that we decided others would benefit from what we were talking about. Enjoy this weeks blog post Biohacking Synchronicity as we discuss a Synchronicity Biohacking


Trina Felber, Skincare Biohacker, Paleo Skincare Expert, Best Selling Author of Beauty’s Book_White_stackDirty Secret, CEO Primal Life Organics, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA

At The Grove Bar / Kitchen in Austin, Texas

About Radhika Sud

A former high-power executive turned holistic health expert, Radhika Sud helps uber busy, successful women shift into a way of living that makes them feel empowered, energized, and the healthiest they’ve ever been in their lives. Her unique lifestyle formula empowers her clients to deeply connect with their cravings, desires, and inner truth so that they achieve the whole self upgrade they’re after.

Her eBook, Holistic Prana Manifesto: 10 Inspiring Ways to Eliminate Stress and Become the Most Healthy, Calm and Balanced You will be available soon.

You can find her on //   @holisticprana

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