A-Team Waitlist

Primal Life Organics is committed to providing 100% natural, organic essential personal care products safe for the entire family. 

We are proud of growing a community of people who value health, family, and helping others.  As a company that values your feedback, I have developed the Primal Life Organics A-Team.  As we grow this elite group, I invite you to join our waitlist.  We will be adding members quarterly.  You will get to interact directly with me and will get lots of fun gifts.  I look forward to growing our relationship towards better health.  ❤️ Trina

If you are interested in joining our elite team of Natural Beauty Lovers, apply to get on our waitlist. 

Our A-Team was created to celebrate and create a community for men and women who share a passion for real and recognizable ingredients in their skincare.  Quality and health-focused is priority to us.  

In order to be accepted into the A-Team, you must meet our standards.  We develop dental, body, face care products and makeup differently from other companies.  As a registered nurse, Trina formulates each product to heal and nourish the body to support whole health.  Our products are unique, even from other "natural" brands. 

In order to be accepted on our A-Team, you must have purchased and used Primal Life Organics products from these categories:

  • 3 different Dental products (toothpowder or toothpaste required)
  • 3 different Body products (deodorant required)
  • 4 different Face products (Face cleanser and serum or moisturizer required)

We require you to be familiar with our standards and our products.  In order to evaluate the test products, you must know our quality and how our products work. 

You do not need to have fulfilled these requirements to apply for the Waitlist, however, before being accepted, these requirements must be fulfilled.  Take this time to explore the products you have not tried and enjoy the difference your body will notice!  

The BENEFITS of A-Teamers:  As a member, you will be the first to know, first to try and first to review our new and old products!

Once youre a full-fledged Primal Lifer and a member of our A-Team, you can look forward to receiving:

  • Personal access to Trina
  • Support from team members
  • Early access to product releases and news
  • Free products
  • Promo codes to share with friends and family
  • Information for Trina’s health and wellness affiliates

To maintain your membership, we look forward to you:

  • Submitting website reviews for products received
  • Committing to a social platform (Facebook or Instagram) to interact with PLO
  • Posting (at least) once a month about the product(s) you’ve received - (tag us on FB and use #ATeamPLO
  • Engaging (commenting, liking and sharing) consistently with our social posts
  • Interacting with Trina when she goes Live (asking the questions others might not want to ask, answering other viewers questions, liking, sharing and tagging people.  When others see you do this, they will do it too and our community will build much faster).
  • Signing a general release form, allowing us to repurpose their words and images on our social platforms, website and/or printed materials

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please fill out the A-Team Waitlist Application link below.


We will be adding new members to our A-Team over the next few weeks. If you are chosen, we will notify you by sending a PLO A-Team Agreement form which will need to be completed. 

Thank you for supporting and joining us on our natural health journey together!