6 Benefits of Rosewater for Skin That Will Change Your Beauty Routine

Benefits of rosewater for skin

Ah, the rose. This exquisite flower is nature's gift to us in so many ways, and not just for its visual and aromatic beauty. Look through the countless beauty products online or in your local stores and you'll find rose (and rosewater) in everything from serums and mists to shampoos and conditioners.

But is rosewater really worth all the attention? And if so, what's the best way to use it? Join us as we review some of the main benefits of rosewater for skin, how to use this aromatic gift of nature, and why it can be a game-changer for your skincare routine.

What Is Rosewater?

Also known as rose hydrosol, rosewater is water made from roses — most commonly the Rosa damascena species — by distilling rose petals with steam. Usually, this hydrosol is a byproduct of the same distillation process that produces rose essential oil. As such, most natural rose waters contain a small percentage of water-soluble rose oil that's left behind. 

Rosewater offers the subtle fragrance of its namesake flower, so it's sometimes used as a lighter, natural alternative to perfumes that include alcohol and a host of other chemicals. 

Rosewater has been used for centuries ⁠(both topically and orally) in Iran and other Middle Eastern countries to treat everything from stomach pain, sore throat, and coughing to headaches, depression, and stress. 

When buying rosewater, be sure to look for products made with organic, pure rosewater to avoid unwanted pesticides or chemicals. Many mainstream brands that list rosewater as an ingredient use synthetic extracts rather than real roses, so buy from trusted brands that are transparent about their ingredients.

6 Rosewater Benefits to Give You Glowing, Gorgeous Skin

Benefits of rosewater for skin: Rose petals scattered in cup of water

There are numerous potential benefits of rosewater for skin and it's not just us saying it — the science shows it's true. Here are some of the top reasons to consider adding this wonderfully aromatic water to your regular skincare routine.

1. Anti-Inflammatory

Rosewater's anti-inflammatory properties come from natural compounds called polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties. As a result, rosewater may help reduce redness, soothe irritation, and alleviate itchiness that can come from skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema. 

2. Anti-Aging

Rosewater is a potent source of antioxidants and vitamins (A, B, C, and E), which fight free radicals that can damage cells and therefore trigger illness and aging. While more research is forthcoming on the anti-aging benefits of rosewater, at least one study shows that it was particularly powerful in combating elastase and collagenase, two enzymes that break down elastin and collagen in skin cells.

3. Antibacterial

Thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, rosewater can fight acne, calm breakouts, and control excess oil production. It's no wonder you'll often see rose oil or rosewater as an ingredient in acne-fighting skincare products. Rosewater can also help treat minor cuts, scrapes, and scars.

4. Hydrating

Rosewater moisturizes, protects, and refreshes the skin. And with a naturally low pH of 5.5, it helps reset and maintain your skin's pH balance. Rosewater is special because it's not only great for clarifying oily and problem skin but it's also an ideal choice for hydrating dry skin types. 

5. Toning

Because of its astringent-like properties, rosewater can tighten and tone skin to reduce the appearance of pores without overdrying. It's gentle enough for all skin types (that means sensitive skin, too). Use rosewater instead of chemical-laden toners that could end up doing more damage than good. 

6. Depuffing

Rosewater has long been used to treat eye problems in Ayurvedic medicine (and still is to this day), but it can also be effective at calming puffiness in the eye area. To give it a try, combine two parts rosewater with two parts cold milk, dab it on your undereye area with a cotton ball, and leave it on for about 20 minutes.

7 Easy Ways to Use Rosewater in Your Beauty Regimen

Jade roller and rose quartz stones

Now that you know about the benefits of rosewater for skin, you might be wondering how to implement it in your skincare and self-care routine. Here are the best ways to use rosewater on your skin and in your body:

  1. As a Skin Refresher: Rosewater is commonly sold in spray bottles that you can easily use to refresh your skin whenever you like. Use it as a face mist for an instant pick-me-up or to set your makeup. 
  2. As a Face Toner: Spritz a cotton pad with enough rosewater toner to soak it. Then apply to your face, neck, and décolletage after using your daily cleanser. Try the Primal Life Organics Infiniti Toner made with certified organic rosewater and other toning ingredients such as unfiltered apple cider.
  3. As a Drink: Rosewater has long been enjoyed as a liquid tonic ⁠— it's even believed to help reduce menstrual cramps. A scientific study on hot water infusions found that antioxidant activity was higher for Rosa damascena than for green tea. You can find plain rosewater or flavored rosewater in many health food stores or as an ingredient in hot or cold tea. Look for products with organic ingredients. 
  4. On Your Hair: Use rosewater to hydrate dry hair, tamp down frizz, and soothe an itchy scalp. You can also spritz it to freshen limp locks and add a sweet (although fleeting) smell. Another trick: Add a little rosewater to your conditioner in a spray bottle to hydrate and detangle unruly hair. 
  5. As an Extra Moisturizer: Spray rosewater over your skin before applying moisturizer to lock in moisture and enhance the hydrating effects. You can also mix in a little with your face mask, body lotion, or any other product to boost hydration. Even better, use a jade facial roller to really work the product into your skin and improve circulation.
  6. As a Makeup Remover: To quickly and gently remove makeup, create your own DIY concoction with two parts rose water and one part coconut oil. Dip a cotton swab or pad into the mix and use it on your eyes and face.
  7. For Aromatherapy: One of the most obvious and beloved characteristics of rosewater is its alluring aroma. Whether you spritz it on your face, body, hair, wrists, or even your pillow, the beautiful fragrance has been scientifically linked to enhancing mood, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting greater feelings of tranquility and overall well-being. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Rosewater for Skin

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There's no bloom quite as beautiful as the rose. For centuries, it's been cherished for its many beneficial qualities. And as modern science has shown, the benefits of rosewater aren't just skin deep. Yes, rosewater is loaded with powerful antioxidants that can help combat inflammation, irritation, breakouts, and even aging. But beyond that, rosewater is also a natural mood booster that can help relieve stress and make you feel good.

When you're looking for more ways to get your beauty routine back to nature, it doesn't get much better than rosewater. Just be sure to opt for high-quality products that use organic rosewater so you don't end up putting questionable ingredients on (or in) your body. 

Check out our guide on how to read skincare labels so you can sniff out any hidden toxins. And for more ways to feel and look your best naturally, don't miss the Primal Life Organics blog filled with helpful pro tips and must-have info!