Can you Reverse Gum Recession?

Can you Reverse Gum Recession?

Bleeding gums after brushing or flossing, mouth pain, bad breath, seeing the roots of your teeth, and loose teeth…

Sound familiar? If so, chances are you have gum recession. So, you run to your dentist and ask if there is anything they can do to help you…and most likely they say “Unfortunately no. Just don’t brush so hard.”

NOOOOO…don’t believe those lies! Unfortunately, the dental industry is stuck in an outdated paradigm. One that doesn’t understand that YES - you can heal a cavity AND fix gum recession.

I know - MINDBLOWING! Why is no one talking about this??? But don’t worry, I AM talking about this - and I won’t stop talking about it until EVERYBODY knows.


STEP ONE: Stop using the products that got you the receding gums in the first place! 

If you don’t stop the process that causes gum recession, it will just continue to get worse. You will end up with damage to the enamel and the root - degeneration of your bone - inflammation and abscesses.

Things to avoid:

  • Peroxide which wears away the gum tissue.
  • Hard bristle toothbrushes
  • Products containing SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), triclosan, titanium dioxide, and artificial colors and sweeteners
  • Mouthwash - conventional chemical-based mouthwashes and natural mouthwashes with alcohol, artificial flavors and colors.

STEP TWO: Use a mineral rich clay to remineralize teeth

You cannot fix gum recession without a healthy, alkaline mouth. A healthy mouth is an alkaline environment THAT produces saliva that is able to cleanse your mouth from food and bacteria. 

Using an alkaline mineral rich clay like our Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder will help to remineralize your teeth. Also, charcoal, found in our black formula will help to pull out toxins out of gum tissue and any tissue - the root, gums and tissues.

STEP THREE: Use an oil based gum serum

Your mouth is always exposed to harmful substances like chemicals from preservatives, toxins, and even heavy metals. Gunk builds up on your teeth and gums resulting in tooth decay and acid build up in your mouth. 

So rather than rinsing with a toxic mouthwash that kills ALL of the bacteria in your mouth (the bad AND the good bacteria), use an oil-based gum serum like our Dirty Mouth Gum Serum!

With this gum serum, 11 essential oils will help you fight odor-causing organisms that cause gum disease while keeping your gum tissues, and mucous membranes clean. 

STEP FOUR: Use an LED Light to Rebuild Your Gums

Light therapy has been used by professionals for over 50 years to relieve pain, rejuvenate aging skin, and so much more… But did you know that it can actually regenerate your gums??? 

LED light therapy can be used to regenerate parts of the tooth and gums (similar to how it’s used for replacing and regenerating skin cells). It disperses doses of low-level red light at wavelengths proven to improve blood flow, encourage cell turnover, increase circulation, and repair your gums. You’ll have decreased tooth sensitivity by regeneration of your dentin layer, and fresher breath because it helps you reduce pathogenic oral bacteria that cause plaque, gingivitis, and gum disease. 

It’s not going to happen overnight, but with commitment, fixing gum recession IS possible!

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