Health Business Growth Conference

Please do me a favor and open your calendar right now and block off all day for April 7-9th, 2022

Why? Because it’s a Mindshare event and, as health practitioners, we don’t tend to miss out on their top-rated events!

Look - here’s reality: Special interests, competing ideologies, and misinformed media have all contributed to consumer trust being at an all-time low. 

And that’s especially true for health professionals.  

That means that in addition to running our practices and businesses with inflation at an all-time high, we need to earn the trust of a skeptical public when they need our help more than ever (you’ve no doubt seen the projected long-term health impacts of the recent worldwide health crisis and the projected need for care)

So, what do we do?

Whenever I want guidance about what to do next, I speak with other health pros, like me, who are facing similar challenges. Many of them are colleagues I met through Mindshare Collaborative, the community known for helping aspiring health pros find their voice and become the noted experts in their field. 

The founder, JJ Virgin, sees the same challenges I’m seeing - namely, that health professionals need to compete with billion-dollar agendas to get their message out. But the good news is - there is an effective way to stand out and become the go-to authority in your niche/market and attract your ideal clients.

This is the one place where we can come together and learn to work less, earn more, and live well while meeting some of the amazing entrepreneurs that have spearheaded this industry, including the founder herself, my good friend, JJ Virgin.

Tap HERE to join me and many others for this incredible event! 

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