Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2023

‘Tis the season to unleash the joy of gifting and embrace the radiant glow of well-being!

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year, when the spirit of giving takes center stage. Primal Life Organics is your holiday headquarters, proud to present a gift guide that hits the mark for everyone on your list.

In a world filled with holiday deals and a scramble for the most sought-after gifts, navigating the festive chaos can be daunting. 

That's why we're here with the Ultimate Healthy Holiday Gift Guide! Whether you're shopping for friends, family, or colleagues, or indulging in a little self-love (you absolutely deserve it), you've landed in the perfect spot.

At Primal Life, our commitment is unwavering, delivering top-notch products that stand as a testament to our dedication to holistic health and wellness. Below, discover a meticulously curated list of gift suggestions handpicked by our fearless Founder and CEO, Trina Felber.

Let's elevate this holiday season to new heights of memorable moments and radiant well-being!

Bia Candle Company

Bring in the spirit of the holidays with Bia Candle Company’s hand poured candles. Let’s face it… everyone loves a good candle! 

Their limited edition Holidays and Fresh Woods scents are the perfect complimentary pair for the holiday season. Fresh Woods smells like a freshly cut Christmas tree. Its refreshing, cool notes of pine, Frasier fir and balsam bring the mountain air inside your home. Holidays smells like happiness with loved ones, laughing and sharing. Spicy cinnamon and clove plus sweet. Orange, vanilla, and pine notes are inviting and cozy.

Bria Candle Company Holiday Gift

Sunlighten Amplify Sauna

Take your sauna session to the next level with the Sunlighten Amplify Sauna.

This full spectrum sauna offers an intense, efficient, and productive experience. You'll sweat deeply and quickly, reaping the maximum physical benefits of Sunlighten's proven, most effective full-spectrum infrared therapy. Amplified by halogen heaters, you'll enjoy a hotter, more intense heat at an accessible price.

Give the gift of amplified wellness and an invigorating sauna experience this holiday season.

Sunlighten Amplify Sauna

Vibrant Blue Oils

Capture the essence of tranquility with our Vibrant Blue Oils Parasympathetic Blend – it's like having yoga in a bottle! When the holiday hustle leaves you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, this essential oil blend becomes your instant ticket to calm, relaxation, and a centered state.

Just a few drops on your vagus nerve (located on the neck) or three deep inhalations can provide swift relief from the pressures of the season. Give your brain the support it craves, clearing away the holiday brain fog by activating your parasympathetic nervous system.

This festive season, seize the opportunity to snag a Full-Sized Bottle with Two Bonuses at an incredible price of only $15, including free shipping – a jaw-dropping 80% off the total value of $75.95!

But that's not all; as part of our Black Friday extravaganza, enjoy an exclusive 25% discount and free shipping on United States orders over $100. The sale kicks off on November 14th, extending until November 25th, 2023.

Embrace the power of peace and calm this holiday, either with the irresistible $15 offer or take advantage of our Black Friday savings – the choice is yours!

Vibrant Blue Oils Parasympathetic Blend

Nui Organics

Elevate your wardrobe with Nui Organics – where high-quality meets low-impact in timeless, enduring styles. We're committed to crafting apparel that goes beyond fashion, using only sustainable materials and maintaining an ethical supply chain.

Our hero fiber, Merino wool, takes center stage in our collection, available in 100% organic Merino and blends with linen, silk, and cotton. From knitwear to base layers, underwear, socks, accessories, and more, each piece is designed for lasting style and a positive environmental footprint.

Embrace sustainable fashion and indulge in Nui Organics with our exclusive discount code: PRIMAL30, offering a generous 30% off sitewide.

This offer is too good to last forever; seize the style and sustainability with code PRIMAL30 before it expires on December 31.

Nui Organics Merino Wool for the whole family

Paleo Pets

Treat your furry companions to the gift of health and happiness this Christmas! This holiday season, we've curated the perfect presents for both animals and the humans who adore them.

Did you know that many mass-produced pet care products are laden with dangerous toxins and chemicals? It's time to give your pets the care they deserve without compromising their well-being.

Say goodbye to laboratory-generated products and embrace the natural, organic goodness of Paleo Pets. Ensure your pets are checked off your holiday checklist with 25% off their order! Simply use code PETS25 to avail of this exclusive discount, valid through Dec 1. Give the gift of wholesome care to your four-legged friends this season!

Paleo Pets Gift your dog and cat the gift of health

Dr. Anna Cabeca's Hormone Harmony

Give the gift of Dr. Anna Cabeca's NEW & IMPROVED Balance Cream this holiday season! This specially formulated cream combines bio-available Progesterone and Pregnenolone, known as the "mother of all hormones," offering a unique blend of wellness and skincare benefits.

With a more concentrated and longer-lasting formula, the Balance Cream now includes peptides that strengthen the skin, reducing fine lines and enhancing texture. Crafted with a natural base of non-GMO ingredients, it provides a clean and refreshing feel.

Dr. Anna recommends the Balance Cream for its diverse benefits, including supporting bone metabolism, maintaining hormone balance, improving stress response, and promoting a balanced mood. As a bonus, it serves as an excellent anti-aging skincare product, leaving your skin revitalized.

Share the joy of wellness and radiant skin – gift Dr. Anna Cabeca's Balance Cream this holiday!

    Dr. Anna Cabeca's Hormone Harmony

    Julva Lip Duo

    Restore confidence and ignite passion with Dr. Anna Cabeca's Julva Lip Duo and Julva Feminine Cream – the perfect gifts for a more vibrant you!

    Lip Duo: Packed with plant stem cells, DHEA, and natural nourishing ingredients, this dynamic duo supports the return of lusciousness to your most sensitive areas. Julva Kiss, designed for the lips you showcase to the world, encourages cell turnover, visibly reduces fine lines, and plumps your kiss. Silky natural moisturizers leave your lips feeling soft and irresistibly kissable.

    Julva Feminine Cream: Created by gynecologists, Julva Feminine Cream comes in a convenient 30-day tube to help restore confidence and revive your sex life. This cream soothes, moisturizes, and increases sensation on your body’s most valuable real estate, leaving embarrassing leaks in the past.

    Give the gift of confidence and sensuality this holiday season with Lip Duo and Julva Feminine Cream!

    Dr. Anna Cabeca Julva Kiss

    Feel Good Cookies

    Gift joy of the most talked about cookies – a delightful blend of rich flavors chewy perfection and added love notes. Perfect for the holidays, our cookies are a sweet gesture that speaks volumes. Share the love, gift the sweetness, and savor the smiles. Use code: PRIMAL15 to get 15% off!

    Feel Good Cookies Great Gift Idea For Loved Ones

    Primal Life LED Teeth Whitener

    Give the gift of a dazzling smile with the Primal Life Real White LED Teeth Whitener!

    Our LED teeth whitener is a peroxide-free and bleach-free solution, promoting visibly whiter teeth, fresher breath, and improved dental checkups in just a few days. Let your loved ones unlock their natural beauty with a radiant smile!

    Primal Life Organics LED Teeth Whitener

    Dental Detox Kit

    Give the gift of a radiant smile with the Primal Life Organics Dental Detox Kit! Created by a mom and registered nurse, this dentist-approved kit includes:

    - DIRTY MOUTH TOOTHPOWDER: Gently polishes and refreshes teeth, promoting remineralization and enamel rebuilding.

    - DIRTY MOUTH GUM DROP SERUM: Formulated with 11 essential oils for overall oral health support.

    - BAMBOO DENTAL FLOSS PICKS: Charcoal-infused, earth-friendly, vegan, and reusable for a naturally deodorized mouth.

    - ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TOOTHBRUSH: Gently removes plaque and whitens teeth for a clean, fresh, and healthy mouth.

    Experience an immediate difference in teeth and gums, enjoy hot and cold foods without sensitivity, and impress your dentist with a radiant smile. Plus, we've added a detoxing deodorant for an extra touch of clean. The perfect gift for a healthier, happier mouth!

    Primal Life Organics Dental Detox Kit

    Real White Sonic Toothbrush

    This holiday season, nothing says I love you more than gifting a boujee electric toothbrush! Toothbrushing just got an upgrade with the Primal Life Real White Sonic Toothbrush! It has 100% biodegradable bamboo heads with charcoal-infused bristles and brushes away plaque and surface stains with 35,000 pulses per minute! Make brushing a breeze and give the gift of a healthier smile and a cooler-looking bathroom! 

    Real White Sonic Toothbrush

    Toothpaste Chews

    Gift the joy of mess-free travel with Primal Life Organics Toothpaste Chews!

    These travel-friendly tablets are easy to use, mess-free, and come with a No-Mess guarantee. Mom-approved and made with healthy ingredients, they alkalize, neutralize acids, remineralize teeth, and provide a dazzling whitening formula for a cavity-resistant, award-winning smile.

    Perfect for the frequent flyer in your life. Ensure every trip is a breeze with the convenience and effectiveness of Toothpaste Chews – a thoughtful and practical gift for any adventurer!

    Primal Life Organics Toothpaste Chews

    Dental Boost

    Gift the joy of a radiant smile with Primal Life Organics Real White Dental Boost!

    This concentrated paste, enriched with minerals like nano-hydroxyapatite, strengthens teeth, reduces sensitivity, and enhances your smile's brightness.

    Elevate their oral care routine with a refreshing mineral boost they can use after meals, snacks, and drinks. Packed in an eco-friendly, recyclable sugarcane pump bottle, it's perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. 

    Perfect for a gift or stocking stuffer!

    Primal Life Organics Dental Boost

    Stick Up Deodorant

    Still looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Look no further than our Stick Up Deodorant! Crafted with natural ingredients, it not only detoxifies and nourishes but also stands guard against unwanted odors.

    Say goodbye to underarm odor and the discomfort caused by traditional deodorants. Our Stick Up detox deodorant is formulated without baking soda (the culprit!) and boasts pit-cleansing bentonite clay, nourishing hemp seed oil, odor-fighting zinc oxide, magnesium, and coconut oil. Stay dry all day with the power of arrowroot powder while supporting a vegan lifestyle with candelilla wax.

    Gift the joy of stink-free and clean-feeling pits, ensuring a fresh start every morning and a confident end to the day. A perfect gift for the entire family!

    Primal Life Organics Deodorant

    Glow Face Package

    Treat your loved ones to the gift of glow with our 3-Step GLOW Package! Curated by a seasoned nurse with over 35 years of natural healing experience, this regimen is the ultimate gift for moms, wives, or anyone you want to pamper.

    Our 3-Step GLOW Package includes:

    1. Detoxing Earth Cleanser
    2. Hydrating morning (Coffee Bean) and nighttime (Blu Berry) serums
    3. Powerful Sweet Revenge sugar exfoliator

    No more clutter – let them become their own esthetician and watch their skin transform in just three weeks. Give the gift of confidence, empowerment, and natural radiance. Perfect for those who deserve a little extra pampering.

    Primal Life Organics Glow Package

    Char Glow Face Mask

    There’s nothing better than giving someone the gift of indulging in an at-home spa day! 

    Our Char Glow Face Mask is made with all-natural ingredients that detoxify and nurture your skin. It comes with a bamboo brush so they’ll have that “in-spa” experience in the comfort of their own home!

    Perfect for your mom or best friend, to leave them rejuvenated and radiant, and they’ll be thanking you all year long!

    Primal Life Organics Char Glow Face Mask