Hemp Seed Oil: Beauty and Body Benefits

This week was crazy, but then again, every week is crazy for its own unique reasons.  

I’m sure you can relate to busy mornings, hustling all day, juggling the J-O-B, being M-O-M, workout, meditation, cleaning, laundry, tick-removal, pet care… and self-love.  Right?

Oh, don’t forget about feedings!  What you put in your mouth makes the difference in how you tackle all of the things listed above.  But who has time for meal planning and packing?  Not me.  I stockpiled meat during quarantine… and simply WISH I could just remember to thaw it out so we could actually consume it before freezer burn sets in!  

Off I went today to pick up 4 lbs. of ground sirloin for dinner because the 20 lbs. I have in the freezer will not thaw out in time. 

This morning, as I packaged my lunch, I wanted simple, healthy, tasty, and flavorful… and in that order! 

So, I grabbed my already made quinoa, tossed in the store-bought fresh-made salsa, grilled chicken, and tossed it with a squirt of lemon juice and hemp seed oil. 

What I realized, is at the end of the day, no matter how stressful life is, I just want to look good. 
Actually, I want to look incredible.  So, I feed my skin the same thing I feed my body. 

Simple, healthy, tasty, and flavorful.  Hemps seed oil is incredibly nourishing for body and skin. 

My beauty arsenal stems from food.  From soil to skin, we nourish your beauty with skincare that makes you feel and look like a masterpiece… because you are!

Get your daily Hemp Seed dose through your skin-food: