How can I make the biggest impact on YOUR health?

Trina Felber, CEO of Primal Life Organics

Part 1

When I started Primal Life Organics, my goal was to make the biggest impact to improve health. In my haste to do that, I created an entire line of life-changing skin and body care products!

I LOVE every product I make… and I know how incredible they all are! In the past six years, I have devoted all of my time, effort and energy into getting my products into the hands of as many people around the globe as possible.

But with the number of products I have, that became exhausting.

I had to STOP and have a heart-to-heart talk with my head… which is NOT easy to do!  My head wants to “create everything” — but my heart wants to change the world.

I now realize that in order to make the biggest impact and change the world, my head needs to FOCUS! That is not easy to do when you have close to 100 products to make, label, seal, ship, market and more!! 

I took a close look at the numbers… and what YOU have told me over the past SIX years is that you really want the best health ever! I have the solution for that!

One product line stands out as the way to dominate whole-body health. And — not surprisingly — it is our most popular line!

You spoke… and my heart is listening!

You told me that our DENTAL CARE is life-changing! I have read your reviews on how the Dirty Mouth Toothpowder and Boost Gum Serum have changed dental visits around the world.

So… we’re going to focus on your dental health and improving your entire health — more on that later this weekend.

And — good news — we will continue to make our Stick Up Deodorant (it’s simply the BEST natural and effective deodorant) and select specialty face products.

See if your favorite products are still available for you to stock up this one last time. Once our discontinued products run out of stock, they are retired.

From my heart ❤️,


Trina Felber, CEO of Primal Life Organics

Part 2

Did you know good health begins in the mouth?

To make the biggest impact on whole-body health with Primal Life Organics, I need to focus! My brain wants to “have the answer for it all”. Yet my heart wants to devote my time and energy on educating people about how to change the environment inside your mouth to completely restore your internal health! 

My mission is to “mouth off” about dental health!

Yes… mouth off about how we have unknowingly destroyed our natural defense against bacteria, disease, inflammation and immunity by filling our mouths with toxins made to DESTROY and KILL all bacteria!

In doing so, we have completely destroyed our natural oral biome — our “good bacteria” that we swallow hundreds of times a day with our saliva.

Nowadays we have created such a sterile environment inside the mouth, that we are susceptible to disease and inflammation. To make matters worse, we used to swallow saliva filled with incredible, life-sustaining bacteria that would “feed and seed” the rest of our gut!

Our sterile saliva is failing us. We now have more gut issues (like IBS, Crohn’s disease, and acid reflux) and inflammatory issues (like heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases). They can all be traced back to a decrease in gut flora! 

By restoring your natural biome inside your mouth — which happens when you brush with Dirty Mouth Toothpowder and use Boost Gum Serum — your immune system begins again inside your mouth. Your saliva will flow, and when you swallow, it will “feed and seed” your entire digestive system. 

Healthy gums, strong teeth and better internal health all lead to beauty both inside and out!

Studies have shown that a healthy gut creates beautiful skin! Many people — including myself — have discovered that improving their oral health has improved their skin.  I used to suffer from acne, psoriasis and eczema — all which could have their origin in the gut. 

Good skin begins in your mouth! Believe it or not, that is the truth. If you destroy all of your natural biome in your mouth, you leave your entire digestive system missing the important links to good health.

LED teeth whitening kit from Primal Life Organics

By focusing on your oral health, I can bring you amazing products like the NEW and improved LED Teeth Whitening System!

Our new mouthpiece is raising the bar and setting new standards for oral care. It has both RED and BLUE LEDs to do more than just naturally whiten your teeth!! It’s THERAPY for your mouth…

  • BLUE Light Therapy: whitens teeth and kills bacteria that causes gingivitis
  • RED Light Therapy: increases blood flow, speeds wound healing, promotes tissue repair and prevents the reoccurrence of mouth sores
  • Activated Charcoal Gel: boosts gum tissue health, accelerates the whitening action of the BLUE light, mineral-rich to promote teeth remineralization, pain-free (peroxide-free)

The LED mouthpiece be used daily for oral care treatments with or without our activated charcoal gel. Because of the benefits of both the RED and BLUE lights, I often pop my LED in my mouth when I am commuting to work, reading, working or even napping!

I apply the Boost Activated Charcoal Gel 2 to 4 times a week for bonus whitening and strengthening of my teeth!

There’s no better time to smile whiter! At Primal Life Organics, we take your dental health seriously. After all, your whole-body health begins inside your mouth!

We are changing lives of all ages one mouth at a time. So from now on, you can find me mouthing off on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

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Love and health and big smiles,


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