How I Healed A Cavity and Prevented A Pulled Tooth!! 🦷

What is the formula for a cavity?  If you know the formula, you can make the right changes and prevent cavities from happening!!  

Learn the formula for a healthy mouth... which will lead to healthy gums and a healthy body!

In the video, I teach you how to heal a cavity... or prevent a cavity from forming.  If you suffer from sensitive teeth and bleeding gums, the time to make a change is now.  That is your mouth telling you it is in trouble.   

The story of my daughter's tooth... and how I prevented it from being pulled:

We have been brainwashed into believing a cavity is a broken tooth that has no hope for healing.  In fact, healing is a word that has not been associated with a cavity... until now.  A cavity is a sick tooth that can be nurtured back to health through healing, diet, and the right toothpaste.

First, I am a registered nurse.  Nurses nurture, care, heal and empower patients back to true health.  This comes very naturally for me... in fact, when I was 10 years old, I already knew I wanted to be a nurse.  

Second, I am a mom.  Every time my kids get sick, skin a knee, have pain or need a fix, I go immediately into "nurse-mom".  I don't just want to "fix" it, I want to HEAL it.  There is a huge difference between "fixing" something and "healing" it.  A band-aid might put the boo-boo out of sight, but it still needs attention to heal properly.

The dental and beauty industry is in the "fix-it" mode.  You have a problem and they want to fix it with artificial solutions to make you feel and look better.  The problem is, and what they don't want you to know, is that they are also in the "break-it" business.  If they break it, you need to fix it... and who will you look to for the quick fix?  They are quick-fix solutions so you can break it again.

I’ll talk about skincare and how the beauty industry is creating the skin conditions you loathe later, right now my focus is on your mouth and why you need a nurse to care enough to nurture your mouth to health. 

It all started with my daughter… and a 2-year-old molar that erupted with a natural cavity in it.  I never knew this could happen, and it’s not common but happens in-utero when the tooth is being developed that mom suffers from some sort of flu, fever or infection at the exact time the tooth is being formed.  Freaky, but the body is a miraculous thing and when you think about ALL of the growth and development that takes place, one “weak” tooth with a defect is really incredible.

We discovered this “cavity” while brushing her teeth one night.  She did not complain of any pain and was not eating sugar, but we took her to the dentist to investigate the issue out of concern for this tooth, her other teeth, and her overall health.

“Good health begins inside your mouth”

That ran through my head a million times… as a nurse and a mom.  If one of her teeth had a “cavity”, I knew her internal health could suffer.  I wanted to get to the root cause of what was going on in order to prevent any further dental and health issues. As a nurse, treating disease (and a cavity is a sick tooth that can lead to further health issues) and getting to the root cause changes everything.  It’s a completely different ballgame from “putting a Band-Aid on it and hoping for the best outcome”.  This, by the way, was what the dentist wanted to do….

We took Mia to the dentist.  He took one look at the defective tooth and said “that‘s a pretty significant natural defect (cavity).  I don’t believe that tooth will last even one year, but what we can do is put a temporary filling in it, and hope for the best.  Most likely, the filling will fall out in 3 months and we will need to decide if we should pull the tooth or try another temporary filling.”

Have you heard things like this before… here’s the “Band-Aid solution” (medication, filling, treatment, etc.) and lets “hope for the best” outcome?  Not this mama. 

This registered nurse went into overdrive:

What are teeth made of?  What supports good teeth and gums? What is a normal environment inside the mouth?  What is the body’s natural protection against dental decay and gum disease?  Are the products I’m using helping or hurting the situation… that was the BIGGIE!  If I continue doing what I am doing and using the same dental products I am using, will the outcome be the best possible or am I just prolonging the death of her tooth (and health)??

BAM!  That ONE question turned my world upside down and sparked a revolution against the dental disease that currently focuses on oral disease instead of oral health.

Let’s shift your thinking for a minute.  It took me some research (Dr. Weston A Price) to discover what creates a healthy mouth - but it was not hard to find.  What I discovered, and actually holds true for most industries including the dental and beauty industry, is that they are selling problems and trying to get us to buy solutions to create more problems that need more treatments and eventually, when there is enough inflammation and breakdown of our natural protections, we end ups with internal inflammation and disease which, in my professional and personal opinion, is the road they want us on.  The road that leads to the overuse of antibiotics and medications as the answer to your prayers.

Hold on… aren’t we talking about the teeth and mouth?  How can cavities and gum disease lead to long-term dependence on medications?  If the dental products you use do not support a healthy environment inside your mouth that allows your saliva to protect you, remineralize your teeth, start the process of digestion and repair gum tissue.. you are on the road to gum disease and dental decay and the ONLY place that road ends is internal inflammation that results in heart disease, obesity, digestive problems (leaky gut, malabsorption syndrome), low birth weight (immunocompromised) babies, obesity, neurological issues and a whole lot more.  That road leads to health issues that are mainly treated with medications.

As your Natural Health and Beauty Nurse, I am not here to sell you a way to make you sick… I am here to show you how to support the healing processes you were born with. 

Your mouth can heal.  That is the function of your saliva.  To protect your teeth and gums from inflammation, bacteria, disease, and demineralization.

It really does begin inside your mouth.

When we left the dentist’s office, Mia had a temporary filling in that tooth and we were told: “don’t be surprised if it falls out in 3 months.”  We were to watch it closely and report any pain she might have as soon as she felt it.

Nurse-mama did the research, calculated the right environment for healing inside the mouth, added a little love, discovered three clays and created a product called Dirty Mouth Toothpowder.  Why Dirty Mouth?  Because unlike ALL dental products trying to sterilize your mouth of all bacteria, my message is different.  My message is clear.  My message is nurturing. 

My message is healing… but most importantly, my message is this:

My products support your goals and can help you achieve the outcome of healthy teeth and gums.

If your outcome is to have gum disease and cavities… then purchase products that create that.  Almost ALL dental products are selling cavities and gum disease (are you getting this?  Any lightbulbs turning on?). Even “natural” products are doing this, they just might be more “gentle”.  There are so many new "toothpastes" on the market.  What strikes me is that they are just a new version of the old products!  they don't contain the ingredients that support a "healthy mouth".  

If your outcome is to have strong teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath… then use products that create the environment inside your mouth so this can accomplish this goal. 

Dirty Mouth symbolizes the fact that not all bacteria are bad, and your mouth NEEDS healthy bacteria to prevent plaque, acids and gum disease.  Wiping out these GOOD bacteria actually increases the likelihood of you getting dental plaque, gum disease and bad breath (this is how regular toothpaste works).  Why?  When you destroy the healthy bacteria, the harmful bacteria grow out of control and creates an environment where plaque hides in the loose gum tissue and creates inflammation which ultimately leads to internal disease and the need for medication… you know the rest of that story.  And that is not the outcome we want.  So, let's re-write it using the RIGHT ingredients to create a healthy environment inside the mouth that ultimately leads to strong, white teeth, healthy gums and a healthy immune system that works with you, not against you.

Cavities don’t happen by accident.  They are well planned (and paid for).

I formulated the idea of keeping a “dirty mouth” 24-hours a day/ 7 days a week for better health.  I realized that if healthy bacteria could survive and protect me, my immune system would start inside my mouth, and my internal health would be better… and of course, this mom and nurse wants Mia to have a strong immune system because she was a finger sucker.  That means that every second she could, those germy fingers would be inside her mouth and if her mouth was “sterile” she would get sick often and suffer from cavities and gums disease.

Dirty Mouth means getting back to nature and using what the earth gave us to stay healthy.  Clay is unique and has incredible healing and detoxifying properties.  If Crest or Colgate formulated their toothpaste with my ingredients, we could possibly wipe out a lot of health issues. 

But Crest and Colgate are not selling a healthy body… they are really selling you gum disease, cavities and health diseases in a white tube they disguise as toothpaste.  Clean with this… kill ALL bacteria, see your dentist every 6 months, get those (well-planned) cavities drilled, filled and billed…. And then have a chat with your medical doctor about how you’re on your way to heart disease, diabetes, and needing x, y, z medications for the rest of your life.

STOP it!  You have a choice but it does require you to think outside the box, go against what the government agencies are telling you to do, take a leap of faith (because you have seen the evidence and you know what I am saying is true), go against the grain of society and join the elite group of individuals who seek TRUE HEALTH.  You might be shamed, scolded, lectured to (trust me- I knave been there) and told you are “hurting yourself… but who are you really hurting if you “try something new” for 6 months?

Seriously, give it 6 months, and if things are not better, Crest and Colgate, Tom’s of Maine and a bunch of other dental health imposters will still be there.  We were told for years you cannot rebuild enamel.  We were brainwashed into believing we need to “kill all bacteria”.  Drink their cool-aid and you are on their road agapist wellness.

After just 3 days of brushing with Dirty Mouth, don’t be surprised if your mouth microbiome becomes healthy, your bad breath disappears, your teeth sensitivities go away and your gums no longer bleed.  Those are the side effects of what I brush my teeth with twice a day, what I created for Mia’s sick tooth (really, that’s all it was).  It was sick and needed to be healed.  It took a nurse to get this.  The tooth is NOT dead… it was sick.  This nurse-mama nurtured that tooth back to health…

Within 2 weeks of that life-changing dentist appointment, I created the first formulation of toothpowder… which I perfected within 6 months to what is now Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, Toothpaste, Gum Serum and an entire line of “good for your health” dental products. 

Three months after that tooth was “filled” I was on eggshells.  The outcome the dentist pictured was a tooth-rotting, panful and needing to be extracted.  Every time Mia cried, I wondered if it was that tooth…. The pain never came.  The “rot” never happened.  The “temporary filling” never fell out… and the tooth never caused any issues.  At the one-year check-up, the dentist was shocked the filling was still in… and the tooth “looks healthy”.

Mia has been going to the dentist every six months (along with my 9-year-old twin boys) and we have never had a bad check-up. 

That tooth… the one with the “one-year outcome of disease” lived the full life expectancy.  The dentist informed us during that initial appointment that this tooth is a molar and she needs this tooth for 11-12 years. 

That tooth that never lost the original temporary filling never had pain and never again needed any special treatment… just fell out naturally when Mia turned 11.  This Nurse-Mama is proud I took the other path and asked a few questions.

WHY?  How did I really save that tooth?

I stopped brushing her mouth with toothpaste that creates cavities and gum disease.  I created Dirty Mouth Toothpowder and Gum Serum to support a healthy mouth.

Good health begins inside the mouth… Try my 21-Day Oral Detox Program and clean up your mouth the healthy way! 

Your brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day.  You use mouthwash to kill ALL bacteria.  You even floss a few times a week… WHY are your gums still bleeding?  Why are your teeth sensitive to hot/cold liquids and foods?  Why do you still have bad breath and need gum or mints to feel fresh?

Want to wake up with fresh breath?  Want to heal your gums and be able to drink coffee and eat ice cream without screaming in pain?  Fed up with yellow teeth?

Do something different.  21-Days to a healthy mouth.  Try our 21-Day Oral Detox Program and challenge your mouth to better health. 


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