How To Do Your Own Non-Surgical Facelift Technique

Learn How To Keep Your Skin Glowing At Any Age!! 

The older I get, the more I respect my skin.  I remember using harsh chemicals on my skin hoping for that "glow".  Today, I know it's all about supporting the internal structures of my skin as well as how I feed it.  

The one beauty tool that I cannot live without is Quiver.

Make the Quiver your face’s new best friend. Seriously! The Quiver releases sonic vibrations through soft and gentle silicon. As the Quiver’s ultra-high-frequency vibrations reach deep down into your skin, major anti-aging benefits take place:

  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production: The Quiver’s sonic vibrations stimulation your facial muscles, which in turn triggers collagen and elastin production. 
  • Remove dead skin cells: Dead skin cells are swept away with the Quiver’s vibrations. It’s like a mini-exfoliation session as healthy, youthful skin surfaces to replace the dead and damaged the skin. 
  • Make face serums penetrate deeper into your skin: Since the Quiver also opens your pores with 8,500 vibrations a minute, your skin is ready to greedily absorb every bit of face serum you apply. 
  • Hydrates... which will keep your skin glowing and full!

You’ll literally feel your skin tingling after you use the Quiver- that’s youthful skin in the making!

There are FIVE PILLARS OF HEALTHY SKIN that need to be maintained to keep your skin looking its best.  These FIVE PILLARS are the foundation of healthy, beautiful skin and are

  1. blood flow
  2. hydration (internal moisture)
  3. muscle tone
  4. collagen
  5. elastin. 

The secret is in the combination of our Quiver Sonic Vibration technology combined with our nurse-formulated, hydrating and nourishing skincare products.   


How this kit works for every age... it doesn't matter if you are 18 or 68, our Natural Facelift Kit helps rebuild your internal structures so your skin looks healthier on the outside because it IS healthy on the INSIDE.  Most skin care products do not address the FIVE PILLARS OF HEALTHY SKIN- in fact, most skin care products work to break down your internal structures and cause premature aging.  As a registered nurse, Trina developed her Natural Facelift Kit to target ALL FIVE PILLARS OF HEALTHY SKIN to increase blood flow, improve hydration, rebuild facial muscles (say hello to those incredible, high cheekbones again), restore collage and support elastin production.  Healthy skin is full, vibrant and "bounces" back.  You are never too young to restore, balance and rebuild your internal skin structures...

Ages 18-32: Goal- Maintain your skins internal structures into your future.  The Kit works to maintain your youthful appearance by supporting your production of collagen and elastin, keeping your facial muscles tones, maintaining circulation to facilitate better nutrient delivery and detoxification of the skin.  Results: glowing, toned skin that resists signs of aging longer

Ages 33-45: Goal- rebuild and maintain the FIVE PILLARS that are starting to decline.  Blood flow, collagen, and elastin is decreasing and shows up as age spots, yellow and sallow skin, droopy cheeks, tired eyes, and a dull complexion.  Adult acne can also be a result of toxic build-up in the tissues because less blood flow also reduces waste removal.  Dehydrated skin and muscle loss start to take its toll and show up as thinning and droopy skin.  The Natural Facelift Kit increases blood flow, collagen and elastin to bring "life" back to your skin.  Say "hello" to those fabulous cheekbones, awake-eyes, vibrant skin tone, and toned muscles!!  The Natural Facelift Kit supports your internal structures and helps prevent those "unwanted" signs of aging from reappearing!

Ages 46+:   Goal- restore internal support and the FIVE PILLARS.  As your skin continues it's journey, supporting the internal structures will maintain a natural level of hydration, circulation, muscle tone, collagen, and elastin.  Maintaining the FIVE PILLARS of your skin will keep your skin younger and more alive well beyond your years!  Keep everyone guessing your age... and in disbelief, if you should decide to reveal your true age, as continued internal support of the FIVE PILLARS OF BEAUTIFUL SKIN can keep your skin looking 15-20 years younger!  

At 50 years old Trina doesn't look a day older than 35 and is showing no signs of aging. She looks even more radiant and youthful than she did when she was years younger! Trina, a Nurse Anesthetist, says her naturally clean and healthy skincare line is meant for clients who want to look 10 to 15 years younger but are afraid of the potential risks of surgery or botox. A 2-minute treatment every day will keep your skin looking younger and more youthful with our DIY Natural FaceLift Kit.